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20 Affiliate Marketing Insider Techniques

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest strategies to start an online business.
That’s probably why a lot of information is available on the Net about affiliate marketing, much of it for free. And that may also be the reason why affiliate marketing is an immense business and still is growing every day. Even so that, once fully exploited, it has become a complex and diverse industry.

The typical learning curve of an affiliate marketer, from starting out to getting very seasoned, is from promoting many products to limiting yourself to only a few, but promote them better and more efficiently. Such maturation is based on experience of what works -and even what works better- and what doesn’t work so well. That is, unless some seasoned affiliate marketer tells you his insider secrets (and yes, such a resource available in here, read on).

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Besides that learning curve, there are also new technical opportunities that you want to try out. For example, when they became available some years ago, I’ve experienced a lot with merchant RSS feeds to create online shops and offers fitting remarkably well into my articles. A great resource to start experimenting with this is 5 Star Affiliate Programs from Linda Buquet. She’s a very helpful person when it comes to affiliate marketing.

The development of great keyword research tools is another example.
Now that Overture isn’t available anymore, lots of marketers wonder where to go now to research their keywords. One of the best resources still is Wordtracker, an extremely instructive and very trustworthy keyword resource tool. But there are others like Keyword Discovery and Spyfu.
Google Adwords helps you search for keywords based on relevance and even suggests keywords you can use.
With these research tools, you can create keyword-rich ads, links and even articles that will bring in the right traffic to promote your affiliate products.

The development of blogs has opened other ways to generate traffic to your affiliate promotions and capturing email addresses is another biggie. I could write a lot about that issue here, but this morning I
found a highly interesting blog post from Courtney Tuttle, Introduction to Lead Blogging, discussing this topic. Read what Court has to say. Interesting.

Of course you only promote products that you’ve used yourself and are very satisfied about. You may then create your own little viral reports, discussing the problem that your affiliate product solves and
add some ins and outs about how you managed to do that using the product. Of course your reports link back to the products you promote.
Such reports can be created in a flash.

Of course you don’t forget to use trackers to discover where your traffic is coming from and to redirect readers of your reports to the right web pages. If a destination URL changes over time, trackers make it easy to change the links in your reports.

These are only a few advanced affiliate marketing strategies. There are more!
From a Super Affiliate. That’s an affiliate who can sell a LOT more of an affiliate product than an average affiliate.

My good friend Willie Crawford is one. As an example, in one recent product launch, he sold over $60,000 worth of a course in the 27 hours that it was available for purchase.

Willie wrote a great report unveiling 20 insider affiliate techniques. It’s yours, free.
All you have to do is subscribe to my feed or update list, which you can find at the top right of the sidebar and you get instructions on how to grab your copy of

20 Insider Techniques Of A “Super Affiliate”
Read it and implement these techniques.
Then come back and let me know what you think of it.
Post your comments below.


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