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3 Shoes That Every Man Should Have in His Collection

Never overlook the importance of footwear. This simple style accessory can make or break a job interview, date, or special occasion. This can be a confusing area to step into if you are not a dedicated follower of fashion or sartorially educated. Here is a guide to help make things a bit easier. Get these three shoes right and you will have the basics you need to build any outfit upon.

The Foundation of Male Footwear

No matter what the occasion, the Oxford shoe is here to help. This should be the foundation of any man’s footwear collection. Put the trainers aside for a moment. There are lots of times when your appearance is more valuable than your comfort. Job interviews, dates, celebrations, and parties can all require you to upscale your outfit, and this begins with your shoes (namely, shoes and not trainers).

You may be wondering, what is an Oxford Shoe? Click the link to find out more but, put simply, it is an elegant cut of leather that is both formal and comfortable. Your wardrobe needs a black pair by default, and a brown or tan pair as an option. If you have decided to take your footwear more seriously, this is the shoe for you. They go with jeans, chinos, suits, and even shorts if you have the right pair.

Elegance and Versatility

The next step in your footwear glow-up is a pair of Chelsea boots. These are versatile, ankle-length boots that can work in formal and casual settings. They are not the best choice for work or a job interview, but they cover every other base. They are comfortable, supportive, and elasticated at the side so they are easy to slip on and off and don’t have any laces. 

These are great for turning a work suit into date night attire; just lose the tie and open up your collar, and swap your workplace oxfords for the king of smart-casual — the Chelsea boot. Dark brown colours are more versatile and will match up well with just about any type of trousers you throw on. Black works too and goes with any colour, but you should get a dark or reddish-brown pair first and work from there.

Looking Smart but Staying Casual

It is time to talk about trainers. These are without doubt the most popular variety of male footwear. They are supremely comfortable, and they are great for casual outings, but they can often be a little too casual. Depending on your job, you may never wear them to work, and their use for dates is limited. To get more from your trainers, and upscale your style when you are the man about town, spend more.

You can have your favourite Nikes or Reeboks, and that is not just fine, it is recommended. But when you want to bring some style to an afternoon stroll, you should have a pair of clean and well-kept trainers from a fashion brand, not a sporting goods label. Invest in this area and you will start to get noticed even when you are just going to the shop for some bits and pieces. Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Prada all make high-quality and high-fashion trainers that bring some flair to a casual stroll.

Tick these three boxes and you will be able to put your best foot forward in any situation. When you first start looking for additions to make to your collection, give yourself some extra colours to choose from. These three shoes are all you should ever need.


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