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3 Ways to Strike a Healthier Working Balance

It’s not unusual to hear about people promoting a “grind culture,” or the idea that the more you work, the better your productivity and sense of self-worth. It’s difficult to wade into why this might or might not be unhealthy due to individual preferences and differences when it comes to the ways you can construct your lifestyle. However, suggesting that this is universally true could have people over-working themselves, when a healthier balance might help them achieve happiness.

If you feel that this could pertain to you, looking into the steps that you can take to create a balance that feels more tailored to your needs and preferences might be the right way to go. Here is a guide on how to strike a healthier work–life balance.

Look Into Freelance Work

The possibility of working freelance might be an idea that you’re aware of but perhaps you’ve never considered it for yourself. There are certainly pros and cons to consider here, and while you might not have the typical security you associate with regular employment (such as a consistent salary or the structure that comes with that), the possibility to construct your own form of these might be more appealing to you.

The different kinds of work that you can veer towards might influence you as well, from shipping work with Shiply that can allow you to get on the open road, to graphic design and writing if you feel as though your passions lie more in those directions.

Consider Working Part-Time 

The other route that you might be interested in exploring could be to shift to a part-time mode of working. The reduction in hours that you spend at the office or wherever your working environment happens to be can give you more time to put towards your own interests, hobbies, and mental health.

However, there are obvious pitfalls that come with this as well. Even if your current line of work allows you to take the cut in hours, it might mean that the financial loss that you see as a result of this has a significant impact on your quality of life, and could therefore cause you stress and discomfort in a different way. The aim isn’t just to shift your working stress at any cost, as these costs could prevent the problem from being resolved—it’s to find a solution that provides a net positive. 

Consider Flexible Working Options

It could be that you’re happy to work for as long as you currently are, but are unhappy with the environment that you’re conducting this work in. If that’s the case, it’s worth discussing the possibility of flexible working with your employer. Even if you can work from home for some of the week, this might be enough to provide you with variety, and a few days where you feel as though you’re in a more comfortable and familiar environment where you have a greater degree of control over your own schedule and rhythm. If it’s not an arrangement that you’ve tried before, this could even be an idea that you propose as a trial period for both employee and employer. 


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