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5 Traits of a Great Real Estate Team

Real estate is a very competitive industry. It can be dangerous to go alone, but having a good real estate team can help you succeed in the long run. Working with a team means you have access to more experts with different specialties, and you’ll never be left in the dark when something goes wrong. This post will discuss five traits of a great real estate team so you can determine if yours is up to the challenge.

Strong Leadership

In order to build a great real estate team, you must have strong leaders who are trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. The team you work with should have a designated leader that you can trust and go to whenever you need answers or advice. 

Great leadership is important because it ensures that you will always know what’s going on, you’ll be informed of deadlines, and they’ll be there to help out when you need a favor.

Also, great leaders in a team can lead others towards achieving their personal goals and objectives. The leaders should lead by example. They should bring out the best in everyone on the team. Through strong leadership, the team will be more productive, effective, and successful.

Great Recruiting

Recruiting real estate agents is important because they are the ones that bring in clients and put your listings up. A great agent can market well, connect with buyers, and close on sales. Having great recruiting ensures you’ll get qualified agents working for you who will help your business grow. 

Meet each candidate to find their specialization, goals, and strengths. Set up interviews and meet in person to understand how they will fit into your team. Among the team members that you need for success include:

Transaction Coordinator

A transaction coordinator oversees seller transactions and coordinates between agents and clients. They are vital to a team since it’s their job to ensure everyone is on the same page, deadlines are met, and the transaction goes smoothly from beginning to end. Having a transaction coordinator on the team can save a lot of headaches and mistakes.

Inside Sales Agent (ISA)

An ISA is a person that takes care of the day-to-day sales and marketing activities of your business. They can help you with appointments and handle everything from cold calling to selling properties and other services. 

Admin Assistant

An administrative assistant is a team member who takes care of everything paperwork. They are responsible for setting up appointments and helping out with the scheduling and monitoring of your appointments. They also assign roles to agents and other team members, process payments, and manage client data so you can make strategic business decisions.

Buyer’s Agents

Buyer’s agents have a specific role in finding and referring qualified buyers to your services. Buyer’s agents are also responsible for helping their clients find what they’re looking for and offer advice on negotiations and closing the sale. They are very important in a team because they create income for you.

Showing Assistant

A showing assistant is a team member responsible for showing your property to potential buyers. They can research the property’s market price and make suggestions to increase sales. In addition, they can arrange appointments, show properties, and follow up with clients who are interested in your services.

Lead Generation Systems

A good team has great systems that help them generate new leads. They should have a lead generation system where they can monitor the progress of their leads by using tools and status reports. 

Agents will be reluctant to join your team if they have to find leads for themselves and work on a commission. Having a system in place will save your team members a lot of time and energy.

Examples of lead generation systems include a real Estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System that pulls in data from the web and keeps track of all your clients. 

They should also have a lead management system that helps them prioritize leads and ensure they’re assigned to the right person. Facebook and Google ads are also great ways to generate leads for your team.

Amazing Real Estate Team Environment

Team members should always be able to feel comfortable and happy in their work environment. A great team environment provides a positive working atmosphere, encourages teamwork, and creates an environment where everyone can be productive. 

A great environment should have the tools and systems to help agents work efficiently. Also, the company should want to be a good corporate citizen and healthily support their teams. 

Team-building activities, mentoring, and enjoyable activities that enable each member to create success will all be present in a good team environment. A great team environment should also be comfortable for your clients because they will want to put their best foot forward so they can sell the property. 

Your company will have a great atmosphere and be able to compete with other real estate firms if you have a motivated team.

Strong Branding and Marketing

Having a strong brand identity is essential for your team. Like any other business, you must market yourself to get your target audience’s attention. The stronger your brand, the more exposure you’ll get. 

A great logo should be a part of that as well as professional social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media accounts can make people notice what you say about real estate. 

It would be best to market yourself as a brand that’ll stand the test of time to establish strong brand loyalty among your customers. Agents will be more willing to join your team if you have a strong marketing plan. 

Marketing will make it easy for the team to attract more customers, especially with the proper advertising done on different platforms. The marketing strategy used should be individualized to each case so that the real estate agents can use it as a guide during the selling process. This will help them with their marketing and work together to build their web presence. 


The diverse members of a great team complete the group. Each member is vital in bringing something unique to the table. A team with a lot of motivation will be able to take on any challenge they face head-on and put forth their best effort. 

However, consistency from the top down is key, so you must ensure your company has leadership that can set up systems for the whole team. If you set up a structure, you will be able to protect your business and help it grow.

Having a team that works together will help your business grow and expand. By working with other agents, you’ll have access to a wider range of potential clients than you would have on your own. Great teams also allow you to gain skills from other business members. 

There is nothing worse than working on an assignment without any training or guidance from experienced team members.


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