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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Buy Fantom in Canada

Have you been looking for ways to use emerging technologies to boost your finances?

If so, you’re not alone. The key is to understand how tech concepts like digital trading and crypto can help build massive wealth for retirement. That is why more and more investors are beginning to experiment with products like Fantom coin.

For anyone unfamiliar with Fantom or how to buy FTM, it’s important to understand the basics before making the leap to buy Fantom in Canada. Fortunately, this article can help.

Here we take a look at the step-by-step process of how to buy Fantom so you can have the best experience possible. Keep reading to learn more.

The Basics 

Let’s start by answering the question, “What is Fantom?” 

In the most basic terms, Fantom coin is a platform that is designed to support decentralized finance and apps. A big advantage of using this platform is the fact that it’s much faster than making transactions on similar platforms such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Why Fantom Is Such a Big Deal

Many people make the mistake of believing that all crypto platforms are interchangeable. But while developers can easily transfer applications EVM to Fantom blockchain, Fantom uses a DAG that makes transactions that recond on top of one another rather than simply recording them in a chain sequence.

Thus the process is faster and more energy-efficient. 

Another big advantage is the fact that investors in FTM can stake their tokens. This means they can earn passive crypto, something that’s not possible with proof-of-work cryptocurrencies.

How to Buy Fantom In Canada

Now let’s look at the process of buying Fantom in Canada. It’s actually easier than you might think.

Create an Account

You’ll need to start by creating an account on a trading platform like Virgocx. This will allow you to buy Fantom using Canadian dollars.

Create a global exchange account, then verify and fund your account so you’ll be ready to make purchases.

Buy Directly Through Your Exchange Account

Buying Fanom on Virgocx is a simple matter of specifying what you want and then placing the order. The purchase price will be deducted from the funds in your Virgocx account.

Be sure to check out this FTM crypto cad.

Where to Store Your Fantom

You’ll need a software wallet to store your Fantom. Keep in mind that you can store small amounts of Fantom on the exchange where you made the purchase, but you’ll need to transfer larger amounts to a crypto wallet that’s not located on the exchange.

How to Buy Fantom In Canada

It’s no secret that crypto is one of the hottest forms of tech to hit the economy in decades. Fortunately, this guide to tips on how to buy Fantom in Canada will help you get started down the road of generating serious income for years to come.

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