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Accubid Electrical Estimating Software VS Mccormick Electrical Estimating Software

Although Accubid is more user-friendly for electricians of average skill, McCormick Electrical Estimating Software offers more features and better customer service. Additionally, it offers an initial trial for free and lower monthly prices. However, it is important to be aware that McCormick isn’t supported by a parent company , and might not be able to assist with problems that fall outside of the scope of.

What exactly is Accubid and what are its characteristics?

Acubid to Electrical Contractors is part of the Accubid Classic suite. The module is an estimation software designed for electrical systems. It includes cost estimation as well as digital plan takeoff. It has stripped-down features for managing projects, such as the control of documents and contracts. It can be integrated into other construction software such as Sage Timberline Office, Computer Ease along with Maxwll Systems American Contractor.

Who is using Accubid?

Accubid is ideal for small, medium and large-sized businesses in the construction, building repair, plumbing, HVAC, contracting engineering, architecture, and other similar sectors.

Does it Easy to use?

It is true that Accubid Electrical Estimating Software allows it to be user-friendly. It is user-friendly and user-friendly.

Are Accubid cloud-based?

Yes, they provide cloud-based hosting, which means that IT resources are accessible by using web-based applications and tools and you do not need to purchase servers or other hardware.

It can be used on mobiledevices?

Yes, you can use Accubid via your smart phone or mobile.

What are their most important characteristics and functions?

The Accubid features include digitizer integration automated scaling, as well as integration of CAD files. The database also comprises that contains more than 22,000 items as well as 14,000 various assemblies along with their associated cost for labor and item. It facilitates the entire construction workflow, beginning from electrical systems estimation through buying and project management, as well as billing and invoicing.

It is an easy-to operate system that is access from a variety of locations on the Internet.

Accubid Pricing

In comparing Accubid against their rivals, on a scale of 1-10 (10 is most costly implementation), Accubid is rated 3.4. Accubid offers a variety of flexible plans for customers. They offer the cost of a basic license that starts at $2,000 per license.

What exactly is McCormick and its capabilities?

McCormick Systems is an electrical estimation software program. McCormick Software provides several levels of estimation, including labor pricing, and numerous methods to enhance and improve the construction process. Customers can count on multiple groups at once with the multi-takeoffs, which enhance flexibility and speed in estimation. The software also includes an audit trail, which allows clients can examine takeoffs by breakout and design a bid that is customized.

McCormick Systems started in 1979 and was among the first systems that were implemented were those that used an Apple II computer and a customer base of just one. McCormick’s corporate headquarters are within Chandler, Arizona. McCormick currently employs more than thirty full-time workers. The main office is home to offices for development, marketing accounting, shipping, and support. It is the McCormick System also features a special learning center that is specifically designed to provide product-specific instruction.

Who is the user of McCormick?

McCormick software is a must for all businesses. McCormick software is best for industrial, commercial, or residential electric contractors. It can also be utilized in various industries, including Government and Infrastructure, Resources and Energy, Specialty Contractors, Construction Management Firms, Production Home Builders, Custom Home Builders, General Contractors as well as Engineering Firs. McCormick has over 8000 contractor accounts all across the globe, including contractors from Australia and in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Are you able to use it easily?

Indeed, McCormick has made it simple to use. It is user-friendly and user-friendly.

Does McCormick cloud-based?

It is not cloud-based, so it is necessary install it locally before you connect directly to an internet server.

It can be used on a mobile device?

Unfortunately, at present McCormick isn’t accessible on mobile devices. You’ll have to access it through your computer.

What are their most important attributes and features?

McCormick Software can help your company by leveraging its extensive integration capabilities. It means that the software can easily be integrated with other programs and systems. It is also able to transfer information to other programs including Excel, Sage Timberline, AutoDesk and on-screen at the center’s Takeoff as well as QuickBooks as well as many other software. The program can assist a variety of companies and businesses that vary from just one contractor to a huge industrial contracting company.

The program also includes databases for contractors who are involved in transmission of fire alarms HVAC control distribution fiber optics, and other electrical system trades. Other applications that are bought individually or in a bundle which includes takeoff management, service management bid management, estimation. The software also has tools for managing projects and Job Tracking. These tools are only available in conjunction with a larger system. All the features of the software like on-screen estimation changes order tracking functions, CAD, and real-time material billing are all included in the program.

McCormick Pricing

If you compare McCormick against their rivals on a scale of 1-10 (10 is the most costly for implementation), McCormick is rated 6.6. They offer a limited number of flexible plans for their customers.


Although the two McCormick along with Accubid are excellent for estimating electrical work, Accubid is more user comfortable and comes at a lower cost. But, McCormick doesn’t have the support of the company that owns Accubid which makes it less durable. This is one reason that Accubid is the better option for mid-sized and smaller electrical contractors.

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