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Aesthetics Pro vs Nextech EMR: The Final Showdown

Aesthetic Pro Online is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant healthcare spa platform designed for clinical aesthetic offices, medical spas, LHR facilities, wellness centers, weight loss clinics, and tattoo removal. Among the various features of the program are a marketing suite, a scheduling suite, POS software, Erecords, a user portal, and customer and lead management. Aesthetics Pro Online provides a secure and versatile platform that combines innovative EMR capabilities with dependable web-based device compatibility to enable on-the-go use. Medical practitioners may swiftly chart their patient engagements using Nextech EMR and its customized templates. 

This adaptable approach was created for particular medical specialties. With Nextech EMR, workflow management can be maintained and note-taking may be made more efficient. Additionally, users just need to use one interface to manage a variety of functions, including patient scheduling, revenue management, and patient engagement. 

Stay on board with us if you are eager to learn more about these two software. This article will cover different aspects to help delineate the way AestheticsPro and Nextech operate.  

Aesthetics Pro Software 

Aesthetics Pro is a cloud-based management program that complies with HIPPA. It provides tools for client management, point-of-sale management, employee management, calendar tracking, and marketing management. With the help of the staff management tool, users may arrange employee timesheets, salaries and benefits, commissions, and tips. Users can manage staff scheduling and prevent overbooking by using staff calendars. Users of Aesthetics Pro online can maintain a record of all client information in HIPAA-compliant charts. Users can access their records from any location and log in using any device. 

Additionally, the software has marketing management, which enables users to monitor leads and launch customized email promotions to draw in new clients. By employing the accounting module to create real-time enhanced sales and profit reports, they can decide with knowing how to handle customers. 

Aesthetics Pro Software Key Features 

Marketing Tool 

You’ll succeed thanks to the cutting-edge CRM solution offered by this healthcare platform. Features for tracking, email marketing, and campaign management are included. To support data-driven decision-making, there is also a customer review management solution accessible. 

Electronic Prescribing  

It has never been easier for medical spa specialists to prescribe medications. It works along with pharmacies to cut down on processing times for prescriptions. With rapid access to your patient’s medical information provided by the HIPAA-compliant prescription system, you can prescribe more successfully. 

Client Management 

To manage customer relationships like a pro, utilize this tool. It makes it simpler for personnel to run the med spa as a whole because it grants them complete access to client profiles. The development of a thorough profile that enables users to examine client e-records, bills, and other documents is also facilitated by it. 

Aesthetics Pro Software Pricing 

The software offers three pricing plans: Solo Practitioner, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus. The Solo Practitioner starts at $125 monthly fee, this reflects its potential for clinical expansion. Aesthetics Pro Online EHR’s Enterprise plan costs $185 per month. The last pricing model costs $245 per month. 

Aesthetics Pro Software Demo 

A free demo can be scheduled on the website of the software from which users can benefit and learn about the features and characteristics.  

Aesthetics Pro Software Reviews 

AestheticsPro has quite positive reviews published online and users have praised its easy user interface. Moreover, its flexibility and simplicity have also been applauded. But on the other hand, there are some cons like customer support that takes too long to respond.  

Nextech EMR  

Practice management, financial management, electronic medical records, and patient interaction are all included in the entire software suite known as Nextech EMR. Along with ICD-10 coding, the EMR complies with PQRS, HIPAA, EMV, and ONC Health IT regulations. All of this makes the procedure go more easily. Additionally, the software works with a wide range of gadgets, including desktop computers, Windows, Mac OS, and iPads. Additionally, Nextech EMR provides a cheap mobile solution. But the iPad is the only device that supports it. The programme makes it simple to manage payments securely on the patient portal. Furthermore, advanced technology provides accurate statistics to keep all stakeholders informed. 

Nextech EHR Key Features 

Patient Portal 

Many EHR software companies make claims to provide a useful patient portal, but not all of them follow through. Users prefer the Patient Portal because it is so helpful and educational, according to Nextech EMR reviews. The Nextech EMR Patient Portal features the ability to create personalized electronic forms for patients and send secure communications to physicians, instantaneously analyze test results, schedule routine consultations, and get notifications. 

Lab Integration 

With Nextech EMR, a lab integration option is offered. You can directly request tests for your clients through this service, and you’ll receive the results as soon as they become accessible in your system. This allows you to make more exact clinical decisions while also speeding up the process! With the help of this instrument, you can speed up screening procedures and laboratory analyses, which can only make you a better physician. 

Appointment Management 

You may solve scheduling and cancellation issues as well as send notifications and cancellation notices with the help of appointment scheduling software. It immediately increases productivity, which is essentially what every exercise seeks to accomplish. The superior scheduling software from Nextech is well-known. 

Nextech EHR Pricing 

The vendor has not yet announced a payment or subscription plan for this product. Furthermore, no free trial is available. 

Nextech EHR Demo 

If you are not sure about the software then the easiest solution is to schedule a demo. One can schedule a free demo on the website. 

Nextech EHR Reviews 

Nextech appears to be compatible with both Android and iOS apps, and it allows users to customize their work, making it pleasant. Also, the reviews also mention issues like it takes a lot of time to load. 

Our Thoughts  

Read this article thoroughly as it will help you understand both softwares and its features.


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