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Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer: 5 Tips for Getting Your Settlement Faster

When you’ve been injured due to another person’s negligence, you’ll want to get your settlement as fast as possible. Some of the best ways of speeding up the process are hiring a good personal injury lawyer in Cheyenne, WY, collecting a lot of evidence, determining a reasonable settlement amount, speaking to expert witnesses, and learning how to communicate with the defendant. 

Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer in Cheyenne, WY: 5 Tips for Getting Your Settlement Faster

1. Select the Right Attorney 

There are well over a million lawyers in the US, so you won’t struggle to find someone to contact. However, you shouldn’t simply reach out to the first attorney you find on the internet. The vast majority of professionals won’t be able to give you an ideal outcome because they might not specialize in personal injuries, have the relevant experience, or work in your area.

A lawyer who has been working in your state for many years and has a good reputation in your community is likely to provide you with a better, faster service. They will know the state laws as well as the federal laws, and they will have connections to the other professionals you need to win your case. As a result, you can expect to gain more compensation, and you won’t have to wait while your lawyer does extensive research.

2. Provide Your Lawyer with Evidence 

To win your personal injury case, you will need to provide several pieces of evidence. You have to prove that you were injured during the crash or accident, that the other party is responsible for what happened, and that you have long-term damage as a result of the injuries. It can be hard to find enough evidence, so the more you already have when you contact your lawyer, the better.

Some of the most effective forms of proof include your medical bills, photos and videos of the accident and the property damage it caused, incident reports, and eyewitness statements. While your attorney can help you gain access to some of these, this takes time, and the lawyer has limited hours in their day. You will be able to settle your case much faster if you make every effort to provide much of this information yourself.

3. Determine What You Need

If you’re suffering due to an accident caused by another person, you might be angry and want to punish them by demanding as much compensation as you possibly can. While punitive damages can sometimes be claimed, this is rare, and compensatory damages are often a better bet. You’re much more likely to get a quick settlement if you calculate your financial losses and ask for that amount. 

Think about the money you have to spend on medical treatment, both now and in the future. Then, add any money you have lost because you missed work or because you’re no longer able to do your previous job. If you have to see a therapist, you can ask the defendant to pay for the treatment. By providing clear evidence of the costs related to the accident, you can prove that you need the money and therefore gain access to compensation faster.

4. Ask Medical Professionals for Help

Expert witnesses can improve your credibility and convince the other party that you are entitled to the money you’re asking for. If you’ve hired a lawyer who has worked on similar cases before, it’s likely that they have contacts in the medical industry that can help you out. Speak to your attorney about the experts they will involve. You can also talk to your own doctors and ask them to provide you with a statement.

5. Learn How to Speak to the Other Parties 

Often, people who have filed a lawsuit against a negligent party will have to speak to the person responsible for their accident or, at the very least, their lawyer. When you think about this conversation, you might feel nervous, anxious, or angry. But it’s important to keep in control of your emotions because your case might be weakened if you say something rash while on the record. This can complicate your situation and reduce the chance of a fast settlement. 

Speak to your lawyer about how you will interact with the other parties involved in your case. You can go over some of the things you should say and some of the topics or phrases you should avoid. Your personal injury attorney in Cheyenne WY can also help you present yourself well.

There are several things you and your personal injury lawyer in Cheyenne, WY can do to speed up your settlement. You should collect as much evidence as you can, determine how much you can reasonably ask for, get statements from expert witnesses, and learn how to communicate with the other parties involved. If you’ve hired a good lawyer, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting compensation for your medical bills, distress, and lost ability to work.


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