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Beginning Blogging: Do you need a Blog if you have a Website?

I’m frequently asked if a business needs a blog if it already has a website. That really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. In this series on Beginning Blogging, I’ve discussed the benefits of having a business blog. If you already have a website, but would like to take advantage of these benefits you have three integration choices:

Use a subdomain of your existing site and create a blog in this directory.
This is easy to do from the technical standpoint of WordPress. It might not be very easy from the standpoint of your existing site and how it looks. You want the two sites to look integrated. You may need to hire a web designer to fully incorporate the look of the two sites and add functionality with linking from the traditional website to your blog. (You can add the links from the blog to your traditional website because they are so easy.)

Start a blog and link to it from your website.
If you don’t know if you really want a blog, this is the way to go. You can create a blog and if you decide blogging isn’t for you, then you can just stop. You can also create a different look and feel. Maybe your website is very professional with proper business language. This corporate website attracts a particular type of customer. If you want to reach out to a very different client, you could try blogging.

You don’t even have to link to your blog from your website at first. You could just start one and see how it goes. If this works, then you could incorporate some links from your website to your blog.

Recreate your website in WordPress.
Besides just having posts, WordPress also has a way to create pages. In fact most business blogs have several pages in addition to blog posts. These pages can increase the information about your business and let customers know how to contact you. They can help you sell things with shopping carts. These pages can be tabs on your site, or you can designate one as “sticky” so that it appears as your main page, with the blog as a tab.

If your website has become stale and not much fun, try this option. This lets you redesign your site at minimal cost. You can freshen up your information and really get going. (There is also the added perk that it’s easy to optimize WordPress blogs for SEO with a few tweaks and plugins. It will probably be much more spider friendly than your current site.)

So the jury is in: it’s good to have a blog even if you have a “traditional” website. If you don’t have a blog, try one. You’ll probably like it.


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