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Break the Lies You are Told with Social Media Food Inc

Ok, I have reignited a passion of mine today. My friend, colleague and client Dr. Chase Hayden a holistic practitioner who specializes in women’s health in Houston, Tx suggested I watch 6 movies. I was game because having been in holistic health field previously and it is still a passion I recognized I needed to get back into that loop of like minded people.

Food Inc. a movie you can rent or watch on Netflix immediately without having to wait for it to arrive in your mailbox is the one I would say view first.

I had read and was appalled at the things Montsano was getting a way with around our farmers being able to get seeds to grow crops. I had heard they had gone so far as to sue farmers that “their” contracted farmers “OVERSPRAY” on another farmers land who DID NOT USE their ^&*( seeds and it after their crops..I was like how are they doing this…then I learned more today that answered that and activated my activist with a PASSION.

How can we sit by while more and more people everyday grow obese and become type 2 diabetics. It is not their lack of control as one mis-informed person wrote…it is about BIG Business having WAY more money and ability to get laws passed that create an environment where it is against the law to speak out about it publicly. HOW CONVENIENT.

The very people who are suppose to be controlling regulations to protect us are wolf’s in sheeps clothing having worked for and paid great money to our lawmakers to appoint them into these critical roles.

We have seen that we the people now do have power with our voice in social media. Will you stand for integrity and unity for our health and freedom to know what is in our food and where it comes from. Food is not just a pleasure it is what nourishes our bodies to function and be healthy. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves at our loss of freedom on this issue because they NEVER imagined something like this would occur or they would have put it in our constitution.

What can you do?
One watch the movie Food Inc. so you can see and hear with your own eyes and ears what is happening around us and is being kept secret by Big Business.Two many organizations have made it as simple as possible to join with them to send the message to our government that we are NOT okay with this control over what we choose. I have listed several here and will continue to add to it as I uncover them…(your sharing ones you are aware of is welcome)

Slow Food Nation

Victory Gardens

Child Nutrition act

Food Trust

Heifer Project

Organic Consumers

Texas Legislation

Three be conscious of what you eat-we vote three times a day by what we put in our mouths…YES, it make take more effort and Americans are up to the effort and integrity to stand for what we believe it today as much as we did 250+ years ago.

Your dollars are what moves mountains, even the Big Bully Walmart started carry milk with out Growth hormones because Mothers spoke up and said they would not buy it anymore…we can do it again…be a part of carrying on a legacy for your children for they now for first time in our history will live a shorter life span that their parents.

How can you connect and help on a local level? I am seeking out local farmer’s markets to see how I can offer my services to get the word out. What will you do to get back your right to healthy foods?


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