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Browse the Web Using iPhone 3G and Yahoo One Search Easily

Yahoo one Search is specifically designed for mobile phones like iPhone 3G. You can get to Yahoo! (and Yahoo! one Search) on your phone any time just by typing into your phone’s browser. With the combination of Yahoo one Search and iPhone 3G, users are expected to get better results and browsing experience. It’s truly a one-two punch.

Apple’s iPhone 3G works seamlessly with Yahoo one Search as the combination brings the most relevant result in a compact phone that mesmerized the whole world in its release.

To configure Yahoo one Search in iPhone 3G, follow the following steps (by the way, the default web browser of iPhone 3G is SAFARI):

Select Settings
Select Safari
Select Search Engine
Select Yahoo!
Find one Search at your fingertips whenever you need it!
Search through Safari:

Select Safari
In the search box, type
Search away!
Bookmark Yahoo! one Search:

Select Safari
In the search box, type
Select +
Select Save
By default, this bookmark will save to the top-level Bookmarks folder.

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