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Content Marketing: Maintaining a Consistent Online Presence

The most crucial factor in content marketing is building and maintaining a following. To do that you’re going to need unique content, but you also need to keep up a consistent online presence. If you write great technical advice but you only publish a few sporadic blog posts, readers will be disappointed. Just when they get excited about your content and want to learn more about your brand, you fall off the radar. You have to produce fresh content on a regular basis, and you have to build the reader’s confidence in you by never going too long without posting fresh content. Nothing is worse from a marketing point of view, than going AWOL.

Consistently producing content is a pretty demanding job, especially if you’re working solo. Everyone gets busy sometimes, or struggles to come up with fresh ideas for generating web content. Everybody needs to take the occasional sick day or vacation. And we all know how frustrating it can be to discover the internet is down or the computer needs a serious repair. But if you work smart you can plan for these events, and ensure a steady flow of engaging content on your company website, blog or social media accounts.

Schedule posts so they will publish automatically when you know you’ll be away or too busy to be present online. Always reserve a little content that isn’t time sensitive, to be used in an emergency. Even if you can only get only for a few minutes, it’s simple to publish these posts. They will help to fill the gap until you are able to start generating unique content again.

Share content published by colleagues and experts in complementary fields when you’re too overworked to generate your own content. Often this can fill the gap when you need a Tweet or short Facebook post. If you have time to write a short review or commentary, so much the better! This is also a good way to generate blog posts when you’re in a rush.

Highlight reader feedback. Take advantage of scripts or widgets that post reader comments prominently on your page. Surveys, photo caption contests, and other means to engage readers provide additional content marketing opportunities, and they can prove to be a rich source for unique content for a blog or Facebook page as well.

Invite guest bloggers to contribute content when you know you’re going to need it. Plan ahead for times when you’re going to be extra busy, and solicit content from some of the colleagues whose links you’ve been sharing. Offer to return the favor when colleagues need extra content, too. This will extend your brand’s reach, all the while building a support network that can help you maintain your web presence when you’re in a pinch.

Split content into segments. Write a series of posts on a single topic and publish them over a period of days or weeks. It also pays to pick a tighter focus for any content you are working on. You’ll quickly discover that content you edit out of a blog post or article can be turned into one or more additional pieces of writing. It really pays to take the time to edit!

How do you maintain a consistent online presence? What tips or tools do you have for keeping fresh content going out on a regular basis?


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