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Create Flawless Looks with Sleeper Atlanta Linen Dress and Other Attires

We use various means to maximize the advantages of our appearance. Some take advantage of the luxury of long, rich hair and experiment with a variety of hairstyles. Some people prefer the skill of makeup. However, more often the main bet is on the clothes (although a combination of all available means is common).

A variety of options for every taste, size, and phenotype is offered by Sleeper, a Ukrainian brand. With clothes from a popular fashion brand, you will not only feel like a perpetual winner of a beauty contest but also like a person, for whom clothes feel like a second skin. After all, the design of the brand’s outfits takes into account not only aesthetic needs but also the need for external comfort and practicality.


Learn about Sleeper Atlanta linen dress and other fashionable linen items.

Casual elegance with a white dress with flowers and other colors

Every Sleeper outfit works for a unique and win-win look. And white Atlanta with a daisy print is just another proof of that.

This outfit will definitely appeal to women who prefer maxi length. The flowing hem will create the impression of lightness and airy elegance. And emphasized by high-heeled shoes, which makes the beauty of the legs more evident.

The Sleeper Atlanta linen dress bodice is the zest of an outfit that many women totally enjoy. With its help, they demonstrate their waistline, smooth flowing transition to the breast, which the dress perfectly supports and subtly distinguishes. At the same time, the stretch bodice does not restrict the movements and helps to emphasize only those aspects of the silhouette, which you want to focus on, visually flatting those areas that you would not like to draw the attention of others. 

If you want to add a harmonic touch of lightness to your image the billowing long sleeves with elastic bands are just right. The cuffs, trimmed with ruffles, and combined with a floral pattern, will create the impression of an optimistic woman who always stays young and beautiful.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry if you want to emphasize the modesty and serenity of your image. Prints of daisies, polka dots, roses, or, for example, a Sleeper Atlanta dress with pansies will not ruin your business image. For those who are looking for something more monochromatic there are:

  • Navy
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Lavender
  • Coral
  • Mint
  • Lime
  • White Atlanta.

For those who favor geometry in clothing, the blue Vichy may be of interest – a refined version of casual ease.

The interesting features of the Sleeper Atlanta dress are the accessibility and versatility of the outfit.

Speaking of accessibility, it is worth mentioning the size range. Both ladies with outstanding figures and petite women will be able to find a suitable option. The size range in the catalog is XS-XL. 

As for the multifunctionality, here it is worth mentioning the occasions for which the Atlanta dress will be relevant.

A dark blue, pink, coral, or lavender outfit is the perfect solution for a formal or semi-formal evening. Flowing sleeves with ruffles will make a beautiful contrast to the discreet maxi. 

A white dress with flowers will be perfectly suitable for going on a romantic date. Although, you will not have to refuse a printed Atlanta dress if you are going to a business meeting.

Blue Vichy is a great everyday choice, which always offers a piece of elegance and modern tendencies.

The white Sleeper Atlanta linen dress is a dream of many brides, which is very easy to realize. Decorated solely with ruffles, it can be complemented with a variety of jewelry and accessories for the occasion. White Atlanta will look harmoniously on both the bride and her bridesmaids or a guest who seeks to compete with the brightness of the image of the newlywed.

Atlanta is a dress that will always say yes to you. A variety of colors, sizes, and a winning style will always come to the rescue when creating an image that corresponds to a specific occasion.

Linen loungewear options


Sleeper chooses only high-quality materials to create clothes. That is why linen is used for tailoring many outfits. This natural fabric is characterized by:

  • Pleasant texture. Linen dresses and suits delicately embrace the body, giving it a cool feeling and do not provoke skin irritations.
  • Hygroscopicity and excellent air circulation. In a linen outfit, you will not suffer from annoying sweating or stuffiness.
  • Density, which allows the outfit not to be transparent, while not burdening the wearer with an extra volume of the garment.
  • Aesthetic qualities of the fabric. Linen always looks expensive, but not too pretentious.
  • Easy care with the minimum of basic rules.

Guided by these characteristics, fashion designers create many outfits of this lightweight, wearable, and aesthetically attractive fabric. Let’s take a closer look at Sleeper’s offerings.

Suits with pants and shorts

The linen loungewear section offers many suits in different formats and colors. Here you will find outfits that are just right for parties, business dinners, and day-to-day errands.

Linen lounge suit, consisting of a blouse and a pair of shorts, is impressively popular.

The blouse features a mid-thigh length, a mandarin collar, and elbow-length sleeves trimmed with ruffles. The shorts turn out to be the embodiment of playfulness and liberation. Their mini length and ruffles demonstrate the courage of a woman and her easy character.

Another sought-after option is the suit version of the already familiar Atlanta. Here the ruffles decorate the shorts and the top at the neckline. The billowing sleeves and the close-fitting bodice remain the trademark of the white, mint, pink Vichy, blue, or navy linen loungewear set.

One of the most recent novelties is the Dynasty suit. It includes a blazer as well as pants or shorts of your choice. All of the above elements can also be bought separately.

A bright highlight of the blazer is the curved lapels. In combination with voluminous shoulders and full-length sleeves, it looks irresistible.

As the bottom of the suit, the designers offer ladies a pair of high-rise pants flared from the thighs and in the length of 4/4.

The oversize fit and restrained colors – black, white, blue, and coral – make this suit an excellent option for everyday wear.

Sleeper also offers jumpsuits. One of the easily solved mysteries of the stylish outfit is the Baccarat linen jumpsuit.

The pant part is 4/4 in length. The straps are crossed on the back, and in the front, they are fixed by buttons, which also serve as an additional element of decor. The fake pocket on the chest seems to hint that there is always a place for a joke in the image.

The variety of linen dresses

The scope of audience needs, which are realized by designers, is truly huge. Just look at the range of dresses to make sure of this.

The Loungewear Dress is the representation of how much a woman values her comfort, while at the same time not forgetting about the design. This maxi dress has a loose fit, long sleeves, decorated with ruffles, and a collar with an elastic band. The gown is buttoned, and the shoulders can be exposed if desired. Looking for the best coloring, you can buy pink, navy, lavender, mint, blue Vichy, or white dress with flowers.

Marquise dress will help you feel like the main character of a fairy tale about princesses. This pink midi dress features a corset, which will create a winning accent on the waist, puffy sleeves, and a neckline with ruffles.

The Picnic dress becomes a literal fashion twist that merges the voices of femininity and practicality. The heart-shaped neckline, puffy sleeves, and ruffles are combined with comfortable front pockets.

Linen loungewear is a natural cocktail of femininity, elegance, practicality, and comfort. And this combination is possible because the Sleeper team approaches their business not as a craft, but as real art


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