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Cresta Ai 50m Series Capitalsawersventurebeat

The streets of almost every residential neighborhood have unmistakable new foreclosure cresta ai 50m series capitalsawersventurebeat signs up and down them each day, and Arizona real estate law firms like Combs Law Group are assisting many homeowners facing very serious situations following foreclosures cresta ai 50m capitalsawersventurebeat when their lender sues for a deficiency judgment. Recently, Combs Law Group successfully defended their client and prevailed in a deficiency lawsuit filed by M&I Bank.

The Foreclosure Crisis Hits Home

A nationwide disaster, the foreclosure crisis has hit millions of Americans. In many states cresta 50m series sequoia, the rate is nearing eight percent, an unimaginable thought just a few years ago. Statistics suggest nearly 7 million homes have been affected. Among the unfortunate homeowners is one Arizona cresta ai series capitalsawersventurebeat homeowner working with the Arizona real estate law litigation firm, Combs Law Group.

Attorney Benjamin A. Skinner said, “This was a unique case. There was a $500,000 deficiency claimed by M & I Bank, and despite an offer to settle by our client with ai 50m series sequoia capitalsawersventurebeat no counteroffer from the bank, the bank continued with their wrongful efforts to collect on a debt in addition to foreclosing on the home. Fortunately, this time, we were able to stop a bank from undermining a citizen’s livelihood with impossible tactics.”

In this case, the homeowner had initially obtained a construction loan to build his Paradise Valley home, but before he could complete the home and the guest house, cresta ai series capitalsawersventurebeat, he ran out of funds. He went back to the bank and obtained a Home Equity Line of Credit (better known as a HELOC). Both loans were secured with a deed of trust on the home itself.


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