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Do Cyclist Have the Same Rights as Motorcyclist in Louisiana

Impatience in today’s society is on a rapid rise. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, and even pedestrians are among the receiving end of rude behaviors. Louisiana is no different, and bicyclists have not been spared the brunt of it. 

The state of Louisiana is clear on matters of road usage and user rights. The law regards all motor vehicles and bicyclists as having equal rights on the roadway. When a bicycle moves on the roadway, it has just as much right to do so as any other vehicle. The city of New Orleans in Louisiana is vibrant and bustling, with myriad activities to partake in. Part of the New Orleans experience involves moving around the city, and cycling is among the most effective means of transportation. 

One of the most important aspects of cycling is safety on all roads, which calls for mutual respect between motorists and cyclists. A violation of accepted conduct resulting in accidents or injury to either party is unwise and must never be countenanced. Motorists must keep their eyes open for cyclists and avoid hitting them. 

The law mandates the rights held by bicyclists to the same extent as motorists on the roadway. Reckless behavior on the part of vehicle drivers calls for answerability. No amount of carelessness is acceptable when it comes to the safety of others. Laws are not made just to be broken but implemented to ensure a safe and secure society. Stewart J. Guss personal injury lawyers offer their services to those needing help. Free litigation is available, and victims of bicycle accidents can seek compensation for their damage.

However, if compensation is sought, then the victim will have to part with some litigation fee. The best bicycle accident lawyer may be a phone call away. So do not hesitate to reach out for help if you find that you have become a victim of reckless driving. Insurance companies will seek ways to deny claims to avoid paying the victim, so it is best to seek legal assistance. Insurance companies will seek to maximize their profit margins as with other profit-making businesses. In the case of negligent accidents and injuries, they aim to reduce the payout.

Insurance companies make fortunes out of the lack of knowledge on safety in cycling and its inherent risks. Instead of running to claim without prior consultation with a legal professional, it is best to seek another opinion on whether the accident is your fault or not. Sometimes the victim is at fault, but still deserves compensation. Such a situation calls for an assessment of the facts. In addition to this, representation by a legal professional will guarantee the victim’s safety which will, in turn, result in reduced medical bills, downtime, and lost wages. 

Holding rogue divers accountable will go a long way in mending the behavior of motorists and cyclists who disregard road usage rules. The rights of all road users should be respected, whether they are motorists or cyclists.


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