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Dos & don’ts to follow for your divorce in Auburn

Alabama family laws may sound simple on paper, but when you file for divorce, many elements need careful deliberation. Before you initiate the proceedings in Auburn, consider consulting an attorney to get a review & assessment of your case. Firms like The Harris Firm, LLC offer low-cost services for prospective clients, and you can meet experienced lawyers without spending a massive amount. For your help, we are discussing the dos and don’ts to follow for your divorce in Auburn.

The dos

  • Know your financial status: Check all that you own, including marital assets, consider your income and expenses, and calculate everything that will matter to continue your life after the divorce. Financial considerations are critical, especially if you earn less than your spouse and have a certain standard of living.
  • Focus on your children: Minor kids often don’t understand the consequences of the divorce, and the impact largely depends on how parents deal with the situation. Always talk to your kids with love and compassion, and take steps to protect your family relationships.
  • Be honest with your attorney: You can only expect an attorney to be your trusted guide and advisor when you are upfront about everything. Try to share every detail that concerns the divorce and factors like child custody, alimony, and division of assets.

The don’ts

  • Do not date immediately: You may want to find love again, but unless the divorce is final and you have the documents, do not actively date anyone. If your spouse is hostile and doesn’t want to cooperate, the news could affect the divorce proceedings.
  • Do not trust anyone except your attorney: You may want to talk to your friends, family members, and colleagues about the divorce, but refrain from seeking advice. Ideally, retain most personal information and go easy on social media. There is no reason for the world to know what’s happening in the proceedings.
  • Do not stop communication: No matter what type of divorce you have in Auburn, do not stop the lines of communication with your spouse. If you can resolve conflicts outside of court, that is always better. In contested divorces, you have the option of mediation.
  • Don’t act in revenge: It is okay to feel betrayed and disappointed by your spouse but do not let your emotions rule your head. You have to focus on what is necessary, and some battles are just not worth fighting.

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