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Effective Ways to Manage Period Cramps

Women experiencing period cramps may not be able to function adequately. The pain can affect their functioning and affect their mental health. Hence, it is best to use remedies that can help manage the pain. However, if the women experience symptoms of STIs and uterine fibroids, they must consult the best gynecologist in Karachi.

The effective remedies to provide relief from period cramps include:

Heating pad near the abdominal area can help in muscle relaxation. It helps relieve the cramps and provides instant relief. Additionally, it helps enhance blood circulation. The person with period cramps cannot find the energy to warm the water and add it to the heating bottle. Hence, it is best to purchase an electrical heating pad.

  • Massage with Essential Oil

The massage on the stomach with the essential oil can help relieve the cramps and help the individual function adequately. However, people must use a carrier skin to prevent skin rash and redness.

  • Use Over-the-Counter Pills

Women who have some important event coming and cannot function adequately due to menstrual cramps can use OTC pills. However, people should not excessively use the medication without a prescription.

  • Light Exercise

The low-intensity aerobic exercise can help manage the cramps. Additionally, the women who exercise daily can notice a betterment in their menstrual cramps. Hence, it is essential to engage in physical exertion to promote physical and mental health.

  • Hot Bath

The hot bath can help the muscles relax. Women can soak in a warm tub for fifteen minutes and notice visible betterment in their condition. The warmness will help relieve the pelvic and abdominal pain.

  • Learn Yoga Poses to Relieve Cramps

Yoga is proven effective in relieving menstrual cramps. The women who suffer from unbearable pain during their period should join a yoga class. Yoga can help reduce the intensity of the cramps and help the individual perform well in daily life.

  • Use Supplements

Women must maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating, sleeping, and exercising daily. It will help the organs to work without hindrance. Women with nutrient deficiencies should take supplements as per the guidance of their specialists. The supplements can help regulate bodily functions and reduce the intensity of period cramps.

  • Limit the Caffeine Intake

Women must avoid caffeine intake as it can worsen the pain and cramps. Hence, it is best to skip coffee and tea during menstruation.

  • Limit the Intake of Salty Food

Salty food can cause bloating, constipation, and fluid retention. It can worsen the cramps during the period cycle.

  • Monitor the Water Intake

Individuals must monitor their fluid intake and consume at least 1.2 liters of water daily, despite the weather conditions. Dehydration can affect bodily functions and worsen cramps; thus, women should remain vigilant regarding their water intake.

  • Try Acupressure

Acupressure is an effective technique to relieve pain. The women who cannot notice a change in their cramps can try acupressure. Rubbing the ankle in circular motions can help in relieving cramps.

  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Machine

The TENS machine is proven effective in enhancing the quality of life and reducing menstrual pain and cramps. The women can apply the patch near the abdomen and choose the suitable intensity. The person can notice a reduction in the cramps without medications.

  • Use Birth Control Pills

The individual who cannot control the period of pain and the lifestyle changes are proven ineffective can ask the gynecologist regarding birth control treatment. The various options can help relieve the period pain and cramps; however, they may have side effects.

  • Sleep in a Comfortable Position

Women must take some rest from their personal and professional work during menstruation. Women should choose a suitable position for sleeping. It will help relieve the cramps.

Women who cannot function properly due to cramps and notice excessive bleeding should immediately conduct a specialist at South City Hospital. The gynecologist will conduct tests to identify the cause before providing guidance regarding the treatment plan.


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