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Google New Doodle Facts About Pacman 30th Anniversary Game

Pacman is the most popular video game, and it was developed in the twenty century, but it is still the most popular game, and many people play this game. There are some facts about a Pacman video game, and you should know these facts. 

Pac-Man starting or origin point.

The Pacman game was created in the 1980s. In Japan, there was one man who wanted to create an arcade game that resembled women, and the name of the man was Tour Lawatmi. He had many ideas for it as he thought that he ought to create a game with names of aliens, foods, fashion, shopping, and different colors. Pac-Man or Pac-Man game name came when the game inventor sat at a restaurant and ordered pizza. Then when his order reached the table, Pac-Man was born, and the place of birth was Japan. 

What is the meaning of Pacman or Pac-Man? 

The term Pac-Man or Pacman is derived from Japan’s language “opakapaka” which means the voice of eating or chewing. When he sat at restaurants, he listened to the sound of pellets, and he ate them. 

Pacman is a game. 

In this game, you must survive or reach the next level without eating ghosts. In this game, there are four ghosts, and these four ghosts maze in there according to algorithms. Pacman 30th anniversary game is now allowing multi-playing scopes, so 2 player can play pacman game now.

Pac-Man or Pac-Man four Ghosts. 

  • Inky Ghost

It is the ghost of Pac-Man or Pacman, a dangerous and unpredictable enemy in this game of Pacman. 

  • Pinky Ghost

Pinky ghost color is pink, and it is also included in the Pacman 30th anniversary game. The character of Pink ghost to maze or walk around the path and surprise your Pac-Man in games comes before you. 

  • Blinky Ghost 

Blinky ghost seems to give you a red color when you want to eat him. Then he tries to catch you on the shortest path, and he always follows you. Every Ghost plays a character in the game, and their mission is to compete with Pacman 30th anniversary. 

  • Clyde Ghost 

The last Ghost is Clyde, and Its color is orange. It is not very dangerous for you, but mostly these remains vanish from the screen. Clyde also plays a role in the Disney film. When you play Pacman google doodle or Pac-Man then, you do not only face threats or dangers, but you will also get fruits and other things that provide points when you eat them. Such as Cherry, orange, strawberry, Apple, melon, etc. 

Pac-Man or PacMan becomes famous in one year. 

Maybe you will be surprised to hear from the title that any game can become famous in one year. Many games took three to five years to become popular in the world. But pacman is a good game that became famous in one year. It was released in 1981, and almost one lakh units were sold in America. It was the top game in 1981 in America. 

When it became popular in 1982, many carts were based on this Pacman game hacks, and people watched it on television. From cartoons, It attracted many people and kids. Then many of them started to play pacman video games in America

In 1984, the Pacman 30th anniversary game cheats started Pac-man based on a single scrolling game in a series. Many people also know today that it exists. 

Google doodle Pacman Video Game. 

You know that almost 42 years ago, the pacman game started. It is still most popular in the game industry, and many people play in the USA. In 2010, pacman celebrated pacman 30th anniversary, and worldwide, many people also observed it. But one thing surprised people when Google launched its version on Google The homepage with the name of the Google doodle pacman game. Google doodle pacman is a game that displays on the Google engine homepage where you can play; it also portrays different characters of pacman in the form of women, men, buildings, flowers, and other things on special events and festivals of any ethnic group. In every country, it displays according to their culture and special events there. 


Pac-Man or pacman is a very popular video game released in 1981. These are the facts about the Pacman video game. There are four ghosts, and all the ghosts are different colors like orange, blue, pink, and red. The Pac-man character color is yellow. 


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