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How Long Does it Take to Learn to Ride an Electric Skateboard?

Would you like to become proficient on an electric skateboard? You appear to desire to learn how to skateboard but are unsure how long it would take. Nobody ever truly “learns everything” when skating. Skateboarding instruction is a lifetime process that begins with the fundamentals and progresses. 

Let’s examine the many phases you may take on your continuous journey to create a timetable. Learning to skateboard takes anything from a few days to a week, based on your athletic prowess, free time, and dedication. Skateboarding involves years of practice; some people pick it up more quickly than others. In this article, you will get to know everything about how to learn to ride an electric skateboard?

Things Required for Skateboarding

If you are a newbie skateboarder keen to master this enjoyable activity, you must arm yourself with these items. It would help if you got a reliable skateboard first. Choose an excellent one to avoid wasting money on a subpar board. A solid and dependable board is also necessary.

Second, arm yourself with protective gear, including knee, wrist, helmet, and elbow protectors. These devices can shield you from head and bodily traumas. You run the risk of falling if you’re a beginner. Be extremely cautious, then. That seems reasonable to me as well.

How Long Would It Take you to Learn Skateboarding Tricks?

Skateboarding involves complex maneuvers. And to complete them, you need adequate time. In a month or two, you can master the simplest skating maneuvers. Of course, it depends on how long you’ve been using them.

Skateboarding Fundamentals Training

Let’s examine the first and most fundamental moves you must learn and estimate how much time they could need. The following timeline shows how long it could take to do these movements at their most fundamental level, but without a tonne of different practice, you won’t be able to do them still well:

Balance: 10 minutes

To prevent rolling, first, place your skateboard on carpet or grass. Stand on that with your weight evenly distributed over the board and both feet above the bolts. Your weight should first sag toward your toe, then your heel. Repeat this several times to get a sense of how the board responds to changes in weight.

Pushing: 2 minutes

We now wish to move the board along. Step at front bolts for your front foot while keeping your rear foot on the ground. On the toe side of the board, place your back foot. Strangely, beginners frequently ignore pushing, despite it being the most basic move you need to learn. Although it won’t be a decent push, you should be ready to comprehend the push quite soon.

Carving: 15 minutes

The skateboard is turned by carving. Observe this in Step 1. When you switched from toes to your heels, did you maintain balance? You may spin the skateboard while it is rolling by shifting your weight.

4. Pause for 5 minutes

You’ll need to possess the ability to halt. The simplest slow method is to place your foot down and let it drag gently.

5. Always, practice, Practice!

Learn how to use your board and how it starts. Try to determine your turning radius, traction points, acceleration point, and breaking point. Find a public area to practice in and learn how to use every remote feature.

Final Verdict

Generally, learning how to ride a skateboard would take one day. Although it will be unpleasant, you should master the bare minimum in an hour. Please do not give up since it will take a while to become more at ease and proficient at skating.

Skateboarding is a lifetime for improvement and skill development. Skateboarding is the finest since you may learn at your speed, and you will make progress. It is a fulfilling endeavor.


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