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How Swipecart Helps you to Grow your Ecommerce Business?

For decades, businesses have been struggling to take the mobile commerce journey. They have fewer options- buy ready-made apps from external vendors or build mobile apps from scratch. The high cost is a prohibitive factor. The ready apps do not offer customization and the businesses end up paying much for packages where many of the features are not necessary for their apps. Building apps from scratch requires outsourcing it or hiring a development team. It takes months to complete the app along with the exorbitant costs.

But today, we are seeing the rise of a better alternative in the form of no-code app builders. Swipecart is a good example of an easy-to-use no-code mobile app builder. It leverages an intuitive and graphical interface to give users the power and freedom to build their own apps quickly and easily without having to write lines and lines of code.

What is a no-code mobile app builder?

No-code mobile app development is a method of designing and developing applications using graphical tools and embedded functionalities that eliminate the need to write codes. It allows non-technical business owners to develop applications easily without going into the technical details.      

What are the key features of no-code mobile app builders?

Is no-code a new idea? No, you may have already used no-code tools such as Canva, Google Docs, or WordPress. A no-code app builder uses visual programming to let you build apps by moving things around the layout. Dragging and dropping components or changing the color intensity with a slider, these actions can be performed by anyone, regardless of their technical ability. This is why businesses need to embrace no-code tools to reach the next level in their business. Let’s look at some of the key features of no-code app builders like Swipecart.

Visual modeling

The complex code in the mobile app development process is replaced by pre-built visual components. These can be simply dragged and dropped inside the app interface allowing quick app designing. Also, with previews available in real-time, debugging is fast and easy.

Rapid application development

A no-code app builder enables businesses to go for a Rapid Application Development (RAD) model. It is an agile development strategy wherein readymade code blocks are used to shorten the app-building time. The app is launched quickly into the market and changes are made as per the user feedback. It empowers businesses to deliver apps into the market faster.  

Cross-platform accessibility

Multi-OS compatibility is another feature of no-code mobile app builders. After designing the app interface, the user can easily upload these apps to the App Store/Play Store. So, it allows users to build their own iOS or Android or cross-platform apps.

How to create a mobile app with Swipecart?

Swipecart, a no-code mobile app builder, is available as a plugin on WordPress. So, if you have an existing e-commerce website on WordPress, you have to install and activate your Swipecart plugin. You are taken to your account dashboard where you start with the app layout design. Creating your own app is straightforward in Swipecart. It offers a robust visual software interface to create your mobile app with easy-to-use features-

Picklist selection boxes- You select the design style from the options given for each app screen or component such as product page, collection page, profile page, side menu, app bar, and others.

Drag and drop modules- Users have access to pre-built visual components and templates that they can drag and drop on a graphic interface. You keep adding options to the screen layout, completing it one by one.

Spreadsheet/website imports- The product data is fetched from the e-commerce store and synced to your app.

Finally, you fill in all the details needed for app deployment in the app store and publish it. Any further changes you make in the app are updated in real-time.  

What can you build with the no-code mobile app builder Swipecart?

Swipecart is basically a no-code mobile app builder for e-commerce apps. It is used to create a mobile app by fetching data from your existing WordPress store. All businesses, big and small, and even startups who have their e-commerce store set up on WordPress can use Swipecart to build their own apps. Build a free mobile app and upgrade it when your online business expands. The benefit of Swipecart is that it is flexible and allows you to scale your app when you start getting more app traffic.  

What are the benefits of building apps with Swipecart?

Swipecart, a powerful no-code app builder is revolutionizing the way businesses offer online services to customers thus giving them a competitive edge. The benefits of Swipecart are many.  

Easy to use

The app development is simplified as the apps aren’t built from scratch. Swipecart has powerful visual tools to make it easy to understand and use for a layman.

Shorter learning curve

Figuring out how to use Swipecart is easier than learning to operate a new gadget and definitely much easier than programming. Once you get a grip on Swipecart, you can start and complete the app design in a few hours or days.

Faster development

Users can easily adjust the main components, integrate necessary plugins to enhance the app’s functionality, complete its deployment in the app store, and it’s done. No-code app development with Swipecart is 20 times faster than done with traditional coding.

Rapid iteration

You no longer need to convey your idea to the developer, wait for them to make changes, review it, and then update the app. You make the change yourself in Swipecart and it gets updated in the app in real-time.

Lower costs

The reduction in time saves you money. Swipecart also makes maintenance activities less complex, reducing the burden on businesses. Swipecart is a SaaS tool with attractive pricing packages for businesses, big and small, and even for startups.

Simpler data integration

Since Swipecart fetches the product details and data from the website, it is easy for businesses to have only one integrated database for the app as well as the website.

Greater security and privacy

If the business data is too sensitive and cannot be outsourced, it is better to go with the no-code app builder Swipecart. Since businesses can build their own apps, it minimizes the risks of breaches or cybercrime.

Better customer experience

With no-code app builders, you have the ability to instantly update the app in real-time offering a better customer experience.

Lower maintenance costs    

With Swipecart, no app updates are required. A business owner can hire a person with little coding experience to upload new products and banners or change its UI. Hiring such citizen developers lowers the cost of maintaining the apps.  

What is the future of no-code mobile app development?

The future of no-code mobile app development is bright. It is a boon for IT departments and businesses as they get the ability to build their own apps without having to depend on resources. The Covid-19 pandemic has further intensified this gap as the IT department struggles to coordinate with its remote workers and businesses want to reach out to their customers in more personalized ways. Gartner predicts that by 2023, citizen developers will outnumber professional mobile app developers by at least four times.  

Swipecart, a no-code app builder, plays a significant role in helping businesses, big or small, in accelerating their business growth. They no longer have to wait for months to have their apps built. It narrows down the time taken to market the app thus getting better results faster. Visit the Swipecart platform to build mobile app and get a better perspective on how it can help you scale your online business.

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