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How to Buying A House? You Should Know

I am the buyer, how are you connecting with me? More than the rank and file data you give me (Realtor). I do not care about how cute, livable or expansive the house is to YOU.

I Am Buying A House and I Want to Know:
Who are my neighbors? How quiet or friendly are they? Is my street full of families or retired people? Does everyone work different hours and it’s a noisy street? How long have they lived there?

What are all the grocery stores within 2 miles?

Do you know the principal at the elementary school? Are there lots of parents who volunteer at the Junior high?

Is there a local cleaners that uses green cleaning methods?

I will be searching online for houses.

Are you making it easy for me to see all the great things about this property and neighborhood without me running around time using all my gas and getting frustrated?

What will I find when I goggle you?

What will I find if I google for a realtor in the neighborhood I want to move to now?

Will I see videos of you sharing your thoughts, ideas and commitment so I can sense who you are as a person?

Will I see that you are actively engage in the community I am moving to from out of town?

Will I see you using the same tools I use to make my life easier as a consumer?

Will you be one of those realtors does things as you have always done things:

Listing a house

Doing an open house

Advertising in your magazine that just shows me pictures and gives me cold facts

Expect me to give you a number of what I will spend and you show me what fits that narrow need


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