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How to Make Money from Website Templates

Free minisite templates are a great solution for website owners and even for designers who don’t have (enough) graphical skills to develop their own.

Of course you can learn how to create professional graphics, but that takes (a lot of) time!

Until you have mastered the necessary experience, your efforts will always result in poor quality graphics.

Another way to go is to pay hundreds of dollars to a professional graphics artist.

If you have a big wallet, that surely is a great solution, but it will cost you.
These experts aren’t cheap!

Also you are not their only customer; they have a dozen other customers to serve, plus the back and forth communication between you and them means it’s going to take some time for your site to be completed to your liking.

So what does a smart marketer do?

Yep, take the faster and cheaper solution…minisite templates!
By using them, you’ll save yourself quite some money or a tremendous amount of time that you can spend on design and marketing issues you do master.

That’s why I want to offer you 10 free minisite templates with lots of selling power.

Before I do, let me emphasize the importance for your site to use excellent graphics.

You see, an excellent minisite uses an appropriate header that visually enhances the purpose of your site or your company name.

PLUS it confirms your visitors that this is where they should be for the answer to the problem they’re trying to solve or that they absolutely arrived at the right place to find the product they are looking for.

Using professionally created graphics of high quality make a great first impression on your visitors and conveys trust and increases your credibility.

Here’s a minisite template example:

minisite template
There are more where this one is coming from. Check out these other minisite templates.

The headers in these free minisite templates don’t come with text, but using a program like Gimp, a free graphics editor, it’s a piece of cake to add them.

use gimp to enhance your minisite templatesJust click the Text-icon in the toolbar and create a rectangle in which the text will appear.
At the bottom of the work-area you can see the dimensions of your rectangle.
A little window pops up where you can type the desired text.use gimp to enhance your minisite templates

Use the text manipulation window at the bottom of the toolbar to adjust fonts, size and always use the anti-alias feature to create a smooth graphic text.

Using the filters you can even add a shadow effect.

That’s how easy it is to use minisite templates.


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