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How to Small Businesses Can Reach Their Markets Better

Facebook Home may change the way some small businesses reach their target markets and customer base.

The recent release of the new mobile operating system from Android seeks to redefine the mobile experience for Facebook users on Android. It’s also marketed to teens who use their mobile phones primarily for getting online the idea is to provide a smoother experience when using Facebook from the Android phone. So how does it stack up for small businesses who want to communicate more effectively with their customers?

As the promo video explains:

This is Facebook Home. From the moment you turn on your phone, you see what friends are sharing. Your latest messages, calls and updates are right upfront. And you can keep chatting from any app so no matter what you are doing your friends are always right there with you.

It’s all about increasing the functionality so users can enjoy Facebook on their phone without sacrificing other activities they need to do on the phone. Basically, it gives you clear and easy access to Facebook on your phone whenever you need it. So how does this benefit the small business? Well, as we said before, Facebook now has a total of 15 million Pages run by small businesses globally, up from 13 million at the end of 2012, says Media Post.

So with that in mind, it’s easy to agree that small businesses are using Facebook more than ever. What are some ways that they are using Facebook to their benefit?

1. Creating a presence on Facebook where many in their target market are already located.
2. Use this FB presence to create and share content the market will enjoy.
3. Use it as a customer service tool.
4. Use Facebook to share news, updates, sales and specials and more.

Unlike traditional marketing where you have to just hope that a small percentage of the people you are trying to reach will see your message, Facebook allows the small business a platform where people are already paying attention. You are meeting the customer/client where they live and giving them information in a format they are already accustomed to. Facebook’s new Home is just another way of doing this more clearly and efficiently.

Look at Facebook marketing like this: rather than placing expensive billboards on the highway and hoping some passerby’s will actually see and read it, you’re capturing their interest in a place they’re already navigating- their Facebook accounts. Your customers are already on Facebook so it just makes sense to create your presence here and make it easier for them to find you and interact with you.

Facebook Home Tracks Activity

One benefit of Home to the small business is that it tracks activity. This means it knows what the user is doing on the phone and even where the user is with the phone and it’s able to offer more targeted ads and offers.

Yahoo Small Business explains:

If you download Facebook Home be prepared to have Facebook know your every activity on your mobile device. Since most people don’t log out of Facebook once they’ve logged in, Facebook can see what you’re searching for giving advertisers the opportunity to reach their target market more easily than ever before. You could search for a pair of shoes and then when you go to look at your phone and there’s a huge picture ad for shoes at DSW. Taking a step further is the fact that there’s a potential to use location-based advertising, meaning when you’re walking down the street past a certain store you’ll end up with an ad on your phone about a new deal.

This can be especially helpful if you have a small business that is location-based or a brick and mortar store that you can advertise in FB Home based on your location. However, it’s still useful for all small businesses simply for the ease of use and the more direct targeting.

Facebook Mobile Marketing is the Future

If you’re not already using it, it’s time to get on board with Facebook mobile marketing, which is the wave of the future. There are some great tools on Facebook already that allow you to make the most of this marketing opportunity.

Here are some tips:

Make a Great Offer- Offers are a fantastic way to attract new customers. It’s not a new thing in marketing but what is new is that Facebook allows you to give offers through the site. So someone using Facebook already might see your offer and decide to try your company service or product for the first time based on the offer.

Promote Your Posts- Yet another way that Facebook makes it easier for you to be seen by even more people is by promoting your posts. This technique has a great ROI and with Facebook Home, you will reach even more targeted people with your efforts.

Use Facebook’s Nearby- Studies have shown that people are more likely to use the things that their friends use and recommend. The still-in-beta feature Nearby is a lot like Foursquare for Facebook. Users can like, check in and comment on places and this is great for small business. If you can create a buzz about your business, it will spread throughout the user’s networks and increase business for you. So remember to be Nearby!

Facebook Home is a true marketing innovation that will help small-to-medium sized businesses reach their target market. What are some ways you can make Home work for your business?


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