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How to Stay Safe During Disease Outbreaks

The COVID-19 outbreak tested our healthcare systems and challenged populations worldwide to take precautions to protect themselves and each other. There’s a lot we can learn from the COVID outbreak, but here are some essential tips on preparing for and staying protected during another episode of the disease. Staying safe during pandemics is easier than ever with tools like telehealth, vaccines, and reliable sources of information.

Stay Informed 

When a disease outbreak occurs, you should follow the news to stay informed of what’s going on. There are many official sources that you can use, including your local health department and CDC. But don’t rely on rumors or misinformation from other people either—too often in these situations, false information spreads quickly and causes unnecessary panic.

It’s also important not to stay in the dark about outbreaks: if you don’t know what’s happening with the disease(s) in your area or country, how can you take appropriate action? Always stay current on the latest outbreak news and only follow reliable and informative sources. If you hear any information about the disease from an alternative source, always fact-check with a credible source, so you aren’t misinformed.

Follow Prevention Protocols from the CDC

If you’re worried about catching a disease, it’s essential to follow the prevention protocols set by the CDC and other official organizations. Keeping away from crowded places like airports and train stations is one way to stay safe, but there are other precautions you can take as well.

  • Consider wearing a surgical mask in public areas.
  • Don’t touch your eyes or mouth with anything other than clean hands. This means no sneezing into your hands and touching things around you—it could spread germs very quickly!
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or use hand sanitizer if you don’t have access to soap and water at that moment, especially after traveling on mass transit such as airplanes or trains.

The CDC is the best resource for official information about any disease outbreak in your area. You can stay up to date with the CDC announcements through their website and official sources.

Get Vaccinated

The first thing to do is get vaccinated as soon as possible. While vaccines are not foolproof and may not be effective for everyone, they’re still the best way to protect yourself from illness. The recent COVID-19 outbreak required groups like Avantor, “a supplier for the largest biopharmaceutical manufacturers in the world,” to increase their production and support many biopharma laboratories across the US to develop effective mRNA vaccines to fight the outbreak. Vaccines are an excellent way to protect yourself and your communities from epidemics. If a vaccine is not yet ready for the disease, be sure to social distance and protect yourself in the meantime.

Social Distance and Take Advantage of Telehealth Options

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to stay home and social distance to protect ourselves and each other. With the majority of the world staying home as much as possible, the need for remote work opportunities, telehealth options, and delivery services increased. If you’re facing a disease outbreak and are worried about becoming infected, you should take advantage of these safety precautions. Utilize telehealth opportunities to avoid picking up diseases from doctor’s offices and avoid crowded places like grocery stores or restaurants by ordering for delivery or curbside pickup.

Maintain Your Overall Health

Staying healthy daily is a great way to fortify your body against diseases. By consuming foods that boost your immune system and avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking, you can help protect your body from disease. Staying healthy while not sick is a great way to strengthen your body’s defenses and help you overcome sickness.

There are many ways you can protect yourself and others during a disease outbreak. The most important thing is always to stay reliably informed on the latest news about the pandemic and take the necessary precautions to social distance and protect yourself from infection. We learned a lot during the COVID pandemic that will help us prepare for the next outbreak.


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