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How to use a Clamp Meter

So, how to use a clamp meter properly? Perhaps you are an electrician’s apprentice or becoming an electronics technician, and you want to be prepared when the boss tells you it’s your turn to use the clamp meter, so you’re doing some research. Let us help you get it right and impress your boss by giving insight into the purpose of clamp meters and how to get accurate readings from them, and we’ll let you know a few of the industries that use clamp meters regularly.


The clamp meter measures the AC/DC, leakage, HVAC, and power. Within the jaw section of the clamp meter, there is a layer of ferrite iron that measures the magnetic field that is being produced as the current runs through a conductor. The sensor then converts the data into a readable, digital value. It measures to the tenth or hundredth of the unit.

Accurate readings

To get the most accurate readings from your clamp meter, you must make sure you use it properly. You don’t clamp the wire in the jaws; rather, the clamp meter sits around the wire. The wire must not touch the jaws; it should be positioned in the centre. This will produce the most accurate reading. Some clamp meters also need zeroing out, so any residual readings are reset to zero. As the clamp meter does not need exposed wires, it is safe to use and can be used when the wires are live or when they are not.


Although the industries that may use clamp meters are not limited to the ones listed here, these are the most common ones that use clamp meters regularly. These industries include:

  • Control technicians
  • Industrial maintenance technicians
  • Building maintenance
  • HVAC technicians
  • Electricians – in-house and contractors
  • Electronics technicians

However, these different fields may not use the same clamp meters.


There are a few types of clamp meters with different maximum voltages, currents, resistance, connectivity, and more. It isn’t a matter of grabbing any clamp meter and using it. So, for more detailed information on which clamp meter is best for your needs, we recommend you get some professional advice. Our preferred experts are the team at RS. Not only will they give you the right advice, but you can also talk to them about purchasing clamp meters. Make sure you buy a quality product made by a reputable company. Although a clamp meter is safe and easy to use, an inferior product may not be.

Using a clamp meter is simple and safe. Place the wire in the centre of the clamps for the most accurate reading. They come with different capabilities or strengths, so make sure you purchase the right clamp meter. You can contact the experts at RS if you need more information and advice on clamp meters.


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