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How will Logwork Time Tracker and the Screenshot Monitor Feature Help Your Freelance Business?

If you are a freelancer and you aim to make a career, managing and tracking your time is as important as your freelance work. LogWork time tracker is the ultimate and proper management tool you can get your hands on these days. 

LogWork software enables you to properly manage and control your time, whether you are a remote worker, freelancer, or you are trying to coordinate your tasks with your fellow team workers.

So, why does your business require a LogWork time tracker?

Time equals money, and that’s the basic concept of LogWork. It helps individuals and remote workers like you monitor time and expand your abilities. 

LogWork and its screenshot monitor feature will boost your level of productivity and efficacy.

The software offers one of the best time tracking features, which in turn will reduce the amount of work stress, and amount of time, plus it increases your success potential.

How will LogWorkhelp you? 

Better work planning and time efficiency

By using theLogWorktime tracker, you are making sure to take advantage of every second you have. The time tracker will help you develop a well-thought plan or project. It calculates the exact time automatically. On top of that, its screenshot monitor will help you keep track of your work speed. This strategy will help you improve your work speed and efficiency.

Real-time data

Expertise means productivity, and productivity means success. However, without real-time data, it’s pretty much an exhausting task to get where you want to be.

LogWork time tracker feature will help your progress by generating real-time data based on your performance. This, in turn, will help you improve your awareness of time value, which is an essentially moral virtue if you want to attract and target a larger client base.

Friendly UX 

LogWork software scores high positive reviews among its users. The mobile app is very easy to use and very simple to understand. The time tracker and the app dashboard are very intuitive, and you can easily observe your team’s activity, who is ON and who is OFF. The app delivers a smooth and interesting user experience, plus it’s easy to navigate, schedule, track, monitor, and deliver reports.

Online time tracking services

The advantage of using an automated online time tracker is that it avoids manual work. When you deal with complex tasks, using traditional time tracking tools like Excel sheets will decrease your productivity and efficiency. Now everything is automatically added. You just set the settings on the start, and LogWork will add your data and deliver reports.

Your business reports

In terms of work productivity, having compressive reports at your disposal is considered an advantage to your business. LogWork time tracker tool has the screenshot monitor feature, compressive reports, and daily reports. The reports depend on your project type and business needs.

Basically, 7 different reports that LogWork provides are:

  1. Client’s report
  2. Employee report
  3. Project report
  4. Task note report
  5. Timesheet report
  6. Application report
  7. Web report

Each report delivers specific and unique information, and all reports can be used to examine and improve your work progress and productivity.

Try LogWork today and understand that it is what you need! You can also start its Free trial to better understand which plan suits you the most!


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