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Magic Truffles vs Mushrooms: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that China accounts for 75.1% of truffle and mushroom production around the entire world? If you have been hearing about the many benefits of mushrooms and truffles but are wondering what is the difference between both, you’re in the right place. We have put together the guide below to clear up the magic truffles vs mushrooms debate.

Read on to learn the main differences.

What Are Magic Truffles?

Before we dive into the main differences between both truffles and mushrooms, let’s clear up what truffles are. These are fungi that come from under the ground and they look like regular culinary truffles. They are the sclerotia part of the fungal plant. 

Magic truffles have both psilocin and psilocybin. The type of fungus that magic truffles are known as are sclerotia or hardened masses of mycelium, which have food reserves growing underneath the ground, usually near roots of trees. 

When you consume magic truffles you will have a hallucinating, stoned, and euphoric experience all in one. Once you ingest them, you will begin tripping soon after.

The trip and the amount you should take will all depend on how much you weigh, your age, and your tolerance. These factors will all contribute to how intense and how long your entire trip is. 

Keep in mind that there are also truffles that are not psychedelic. Actually out of the hundreds of fungi species out there, less than a dozen have psychedelic properties. These non-psychoactive strains are used in kitchens as culinary delicacies. 

Culinary truffles are a little more difficult to harvest and grow than psychedelic truffles. The reason is that culinary truffles are more delicate and they need a very specific environment in order to grow. Psychedelic truffles on the other hand are easier to grow because they can be harvested and farmed in fake environments. 

You will have to put the spores in a damp, sterile, and humid environment, but you have to make sure that the environment doesn’t allow the mushroom to fully grow. This will keep the fungi in the truffle stage, which can sometimes take months. 

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are considered the flower the develops and appears above the ground when the environment is right and the magic truffles are growing underneath. 

Mushrooms have shown to really help those dealing with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, addiction to alcohol, PTSD, eating disorders, and other mental health issues. Keep in mind that in the United States, mushrooms are still classified as a Schedule 1 substance, so they are not currently recognized for medical use. 

Now, when it comes to legalities in states, this varies from area to area. For example, Oregon was the first state to decriminalize mushrooms in 2020. Nowadays even celebrities are turning to magic mushrooms to help deal with anxiety, stress, and to increase their focus and productivity. 

Physical Differences

Magic truffles and mushrooms are harvested differently because they grow in different places. Magic truffles have to be dug up first because they grow underneath the ground. Mushrooms, on the other hand, grow above the ground, so they can be harvested by hand. 

When it comes to drying them, magic truffles have a lower water content, so they are easier to dry. The moisture level of truffles is around 5%. This is why truffles have a more rugged feeling because they don’t have a lot of moisture and they dry super quick. 

Mushrooms are softer and also more flexible because they have a higher moisture content. But, both mushrooms and truffles have to be dried. 

After they are both dried and harvested, the shape and size between both is different. Mushrooms are all kinds of sizes, but truffles are always a smaller more condensed shape. The more truffles dry up, the more they shrivel up and shrink.

There are truffle grinders available to make it easier to break up your truffles into small bite size pieces you can swallow. 


Whether you choose to try mushrooms or truffles, you always want to be prepared ahead of time. The reason is that with all psychedelics you might experience a bad trip once in a while. Although, bad experiences are not as likely because people tend to consume psychedelics with more caution, there is always a risk. 

You want to be aware of the sensations that are possible so that if this happens you can be prepared. Being in a comfortable and safe environment is best for both truffles and mushrooms. Also, you want to be around people you trust and that are reliable in case you have a bad trip. 

Take away any noises you find annoying or frustrating to avoid dealing with any stressful triggers. This will go a long way when you are consuming either your choice of magic mushrooms or magic truffles.


Depending on where you live, it might be easier to purchase one over the other. For example, in certain areas you can buy magic truffles online and they will come right to your mailbox. These will usually come with instructions and clear labels. 

The Netherlands is the only place in the world where fresh or dried magic truffles can be legally purchased. When they are shipped from the Netherlands to other countries, the legalities of this are not very clear. 

Magic mushrooms, on the other hand, are never sold online no matter where in the world you are. There is the option though, to buy your own mushroom growing kit to plant and harvest your own mushrooms.

The great thing is that once you harvest mushrooms they will last years as long as you dry them right. Mushrooms can also last forever if you freeze them after drying them correctly. 

If you really want to try mushrooms, there is an option to buy them in chocolate form instead of the mushroom outright. A popular choice is Psilocybin chocolate bar, shroom chocolate,. These are a unique way to try mushrooms with less chance of having a bad trip because you will have reduced hallucinations. 

Another pro of opting for chocolate mushrooms is that they are tastier than eating plain dried mushrooms. There are different flavor options to choose from as well, such as cookies and cream, raspberry, milk chocolate, or even vegan-flavored chocolate.

Intensity and Trip Experience

There is no real difference in how intense both truffles and mushrooms are. Both options come from different parts of the organism, so they contain the same amount of psychoactive alkaloids. The most prominent alkaloids are usually psilocin, psilocybin, and baeocystin. 

Keep in mind that many people think that magic truffles are more potent, but this is not the case. The reason many people might feel this way is because both are sold and consumed a bit differently. 

Magic truffles tend to be weighed more carefully and precisely than mushrooms. Also, truffles are considered more of a specialty product, so they are labelled clearly and the label includes the potency. Plus, people tend to consume truffles more carefully due to having more instructions with the packaging. 

The main difference is really in the consistency of the potency of each. Mushrooms grow into many shapes and sizes so the concentration of the compounds that make up the psychoactive effects tend to differ per gram. This means that from one mushroom to another the potency is inconsistent. 

When it comes to truffles they are a lot more consistent in their potency because they are always around the same small size. Truffles tend to contain almost the same amount of psychoactive compounds such as psilocybin.

Regardless of which one you take, the trip is usually the same length along with the same euphoric and psychedelic effects. 

With both magic truffles and magic mushrooms, your trip will begin with an intense euphoric feeling. After a while that intense feeling will transition into hallucinations of completeness and togetherness along with the same sensations. You might also experience some closed-eye visualizations. 

No matter what, you can expect to have an introspective, deep, and intense trip with either your choice of mushrooms or truffles. 


There are actually more similarities between truffles and mushrooms than differences:

Contain Psilocin and Psilocybin

Mushrooms and truffles are taken because of their psychedelic effects. They both contain psilocybin and psilocin which are active compounds that cause auditory and visual distortions. 

Same Organism

Another similarity is that they are both a type of fungus or fungi. They just grow differently, one grows above the ground and one below the ground. Magic mushrooms are above the ground and truffles are below. 

Bad Trip

There is a risk of encountering a bad trip with either mushrooms or truffles. If this happens in your experience it has nothing to do with its form, instead it is more of the amount taken, along with your mindset. 


The experience with both is similar. The active compounds can make the experience with either one have sensory and visual distortions. Whether you take mushrooms or truffles they can change your perception or your mood. 

This can lead to either feelings of euphoria or feelings of detachment. 

Grow Them Yourself

It is possible to buy a growing kit online with everything that you need to know about growing your own mushrooms or your own truffles. The key is to follow all the directions to ensure you grow the best possible home-made fungus.

Although they might not be legal to buy in the area you live in, it might be perfectly legal to grow them yourself, as long as it’s for self consumption. We recommend checking what your local jurisdictions laws allow to ensure you stay out of any legal trouble. 


No matter which one you choose to partake or consume, the tolerance is the same. This means that after you take it, you have to wait a few days before your tolerance goes down again. After a few days then you can take the smaller dosage and have the same level of trip. 

What Is a Psychedelic Experience Like?

When a person is having a psychedelic journey, there are rushes of emotion that occur. This includes a sense of total immersion in the surroundings you’re in and euphoria. These emotional rushes come with visual changes as well. 

The visual changes might make the boundaries between shapes blur or the air might suddenly seem hazy. In some cases, you might notice that the surfaces have a swirling pattern. When you stop to think you might start to see connections between completely disparate ideas or in some cases you will come up with sudden personal epiphanies.

Many people will also experience something called ego-dissolution. This is a process where your entire sense of self might dissolve altogether. 

You might notice that colors become brighter or morph into other colors right before your eyes. Some people become drawn to explore more of the great outdoors while studying the beauty of flowers and plants. The entire psychedelic trip can last between 4 to 8 hours, depending on how high your tolerance is and the amount you ingest. 

Feeling Like a Magic Truffles vs Mushrooms Pro?

Now that you learned more about magic truffles vs mushrooms you can make an informed decision whether you want to try either one or not. As you can see the difference is mainly found in how they are grown and how they look. 

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