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NyooMedia Launches Integrated Platform For Online Advertising

NyooMedia, a Hyderabad( India) headquartered launch- up has blazoned the launch of a pall- grounded SaaS grounded Platform for Online Advertising. The company is also expanding to the US request with this immolation.

With this platform available on http//, original businesses and established brands can get an online presence, launch advertising juggernauts, prisoner leads and track transformations. The platform is well- integrated to enable creation of wharf runners microsites with super eminent capturing contraptions( Click2Call, Enquiry Form, Deal pasteboard, Group Buy, Deal Alert and subscribe up for Newsletter). It can also feed to businesses that formerly have websites by bedding these contraptions on their point. For social media use, the contraptions can also be integrated with a business ’ Facebook Fan Page.
Sudhir Manteno, Head of Operations for NyooMedia explains, “ Once a business chooses its Landing Page whether it’s a microsite that can be erected through the platform, or its own website or Facebook Fan Page, the platform seamlessly allows the launch of an Online crusade on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and Third Party Publishers. It also enables a business to track how numerous leads came in from which channel, at what time and at what cost. So you can fluently track the effectiveness of all your online juggernauts on a single platform. ”

NyooMedia formerly has over a dozen guests across Education, Real Estate and Travel parts for which it runs super eminent Generating juggernauts. It also offers fresh Professional Services in the form of running Facebook Fan runners, Blogs, Twitter Accounts, Newsletter juggernauts and LinkedIn Groups piecemeal from Hunt Machine Optimization( SEO).
The company is also targeting to tie up with Yellow runners companies in the US to expand its services. In that regard, it has also set up http// for guests abroad.

NyooMedia has Sateesh Andra, a adventure mate with DFJ as an angel investor and Sanjay Ananda ram, launching mate of Jump Start Up Venture Fund on the Advisory Board. The company is also a Google Adwords Authorized Agency. For further information, please telegraph [email protected]
Barkha Shah manages super eminent generation juggernauts for Businesses that mate withBizgain.IN/Bizgain.US. Her areas of specialization include Web Content Management, Internet Marketing and Product design and strategy for websites/ wharf runners. For further details, please visit the website.


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