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Oberhauser and Stampfl meeting at 2: victory

Will Mannschaftsverwalter for the Team!

Jetzendorfs Coach Harald Maier was after the overall game only pleased with the end result: “Our performance today wasn’t the very best. However it includes just the three points. Against Karlshuld, we’ve our energy back but increase to be able to win.“

TSV Jetzendorf – With a 2: victory within the SC Inhauser moss has got the TSV Jetzendorf the standings within the district League North cut back.

Total saw about 100 visitors however a weak district League game. Many simple Ballverluste centered the overall game on sides. The very first two chances in the overall game resulted by headers, but both Tobias Hellfritzsch (5.) on one side, in addition to Tobias Seethaler (13.) however, skipped the gate. The guidance resulted from the lengthy shot. Following a short opposed the disposable-kick summarized Simon Oberhauser a heart, and came from 18 yards. The Ball hit half means by the left corner. In direct exchange might have Lukas Wank the total amount could make, Yes. He unsuccessful completely detached before TSV-Keeper Christoph Morber.

SCI-player-coach Stefan Drengler who had been unsatisfied using the result: “I was not inferior to Jetzendorf. We’ve attempted to experience football and also have managed to get easy once more skipped our possibilities. I am still happy with my team, because they regardless of us makes the having descent.“

The other half looked like the very first. The choice made, Daniel Stampfl, the SCI-Keeper Florian Lutz having a shot from 30 meters. The Inhauser had, consequently, only soon after the two: the truly amazing Opportunity to connect, however, Thomas Ackermann was targeted from ten or twenty yards past the gate. Within the final stage, both teams once more, harmful before goal, more hit wanted, however, not fall.


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