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Rapid-Fire Bulleted Points For A Sensational Blog Post!

There are some surfers who could get attracted to a picture you have thought of pasting in your post just to make it a look a little glamorous, and modernistic. The picture adorning the top-right corner of your post might be a reason that your post gets read by 90 % of visitors to your blog site; pictures certainly have a distinct appeal that ignites interest in the mind of visitors. There are some on-lookers who have the tendency to read descriptions or 2-3 lines that generally appear below a link to a post, when they are searching for relevant information. This is the way search engines present content. In the search engine results page (SERP) a list of links show-up, and each link has a Title and a small Description below that. If the surfer finds those first few lines amusing he/she will definitely click the overhead link to read the whole post.

You might also get a few positive or appreciation comments from fellow bloggers who are impressed by the way you present the whole post. They might like the heading or sub-headings you have given in your post, or they can get bowled over by the way you have explained an idea, or the vocabulary you have used to clarify certain points of an Article.

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If you are bent upon getting a sizeable number of visitors daily on your blog, then read what I have given below. It is my thinking and my inner feeling that a sensational Blog Post must contain these few elements. If these elements are added to your posts, they’ll make your blog posts appear original. Read on, to find out how a post can be transformed into a piece of Art.

Lists, Drop-down menu items!

The greatest technique that never fails is creating posts that include a list of precautions, tips, or bulleted-points explaining step-by-step a technique, or a process. Pick some of the most loved topics of the week. For example the topics that usually attract more views can be the following: 5 Sex Positions for a great love-making session; 4 Tips to lose weight quickly; 3 most common symptoms of Anemia, etc. Choose a few of these popular posts, match them with the theme of your blog and, then create posts accordingly.


A Tutorial-based post is liked a lot by people. If you can create Articles where you describe, in easy-to-comply steps, of doing a certain task, & on topics that are popular and relate to your Blog, it’ll draw people towards your pages.


This is a category that never loses its sheen. Reading reviews is one of the hobbies of net surfers. There are millions of reviews that get written and are uploaded on the net on a daily basis, and all of them find visitors in huge numbers. People flock around them to get quick updates on products/services that are entering the market. They form opinions and then respond to reviews through comments. Some of the customers can also write a review about his/her experience (pleasant or nasty) of a product/service.

If you have found the above-mentioned elements interesting then send me your reactions. If you want to add a feature of your own, you are welcome.


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