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Starting A New Business? Here Are The Top 10 Business Name Generators

A successful business title gives businesses a way to effectively market their products and services. Unique names are essential because they allow a business to stand out from its competitors. Customers are able to locate a company easily without having to sort through similar companies. Strong brands have the unique ability to carry over to customers. Customers associate high-quality products with well-established brands.

Although the process of naming a business is not easy, online tools like business name generators are extremely useful for entrepreneurs. We will be evaluating the top ten available business name generators in this article.

Top Ten Business Name Generators

:Free business name generator

The Business Name Generator has been proven to be a superior, free tool. It uses artificial technology to give it an edge over the competition. This tool can be used to create a business name and double as a domain name generator. Every business name idea is checked to ensure that the.COM domain exists. Name searches are kept private. Domain searches take place on a private domain database.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator is completely free and easy to use. Users will receive unique results because the options available are so broad. One problem was that the results do not change if you use the same keywords. To search for domain availability, Shopify owners are required for users who wish to register a site like Coffee Shop Names and Slime Shop Names.


Namesnack, an AI-powered business name generator, is available for free. This tool offers a simple user interface and generates unique suggestions based upon a few keywords entrepreneurs must provide. A domain search is also an option. The lack of industry filters may make it difficult to create a niche-specific brand name.


Oberlo’s business name generator generates many names with potential. The generator uses keywords to generate a variety of options. It’s fast, easy, and free. It is important to note that the results can be a bit stale and not very well-organized. Although this tool is very useful, it may not be the best for people who are looking for something more creative or catchy.


Wix Business Name Generator is free and takes into account a number of factors when creating a name. To create possible names, you need to consider aspects such as keyword usage, industry type and brand style. WIX allows you to search for domain names simultaneously. However, this feature will require a premium paid account.


Anadea is easy to use and free. Anadea’s business name generator offers hundreds of options for naming your business based on the keywords you provide. It also offers useful guidelines for entrepreneurs to help them in their evaluation. The tool will only generate naming ideas that contain at least one keyword or phrase. It will not combine keywords. The tool doesn’t allow you to check domain availability.


Namelix is free and uses artificial intelligence technology to assist entrepreneurs in finding a unique business name. The tool only requires a set of keywords. These are chosen by the user. This tool will allow entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and startups to create business names. However, domain registrations and searches will be done via an affiliate website.

WriteExpress – Naming

WriteExpress can generate many business names for free. The search can be refined by entrepreneurs. You can select the number of words and whether keywords can be matched to other related words. You can also add Latin or Greek prefixes. The provided names lack creativity and sound robotic.


BizNameWiz can be used for free. The AI-powered algorithm used to generate business names works well with this generator. This business tool can generate many useful business names from keywords provided at the beginning. Names generated are relevant to the industry they are being used and can be brandable. Because domain names are not available, creating an online site will require an additional tool. is very easy to use, and doesn’t require payment information. is a free tool that generates potential names based on keywords. Entrepreneurs can also draw a wildcard and choose to have names generated randomly. The results are listed in categories that make them easy to find. The site won’t conduct domain availability searches for all names.

Last Thoughts

It’s exciting to start a business. However, the process can be overwhelming. Online tools like name generators can help you streamline your business. The naming process has never been easier thanks to technological advances and the integration artificial intelligence.


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