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Tahmidur Rahman, the Barrister behind the best tech law firm in Bangladesh

We have already heard of Tahmidur Rahman Remura, arguably the best tech based corporate law firm in Bangladesh, with its unique approach towards its clients and assigning them to prominent advocates on case-to-case basis, which is probably what makes it the most elite law firm in Dhaka.

Here in this round of interview we talk to Barrister Tahmidur Rahman, one of the most prominent barristers and emerging young lawyers In Bangladesh, and the mastermind behind Tahmidur Rahman Remura TLS, a top law firm in Bangladesh.

What’s your story of becoming a Barrister or Lawyer despite being an engineer? Was it all planned, that you wanted to become a lawyer and Engineer at the same time?

I actually became an Engineer and Barrister at the same time, not necessarily I chose one first. I used to do three days of classes in NSU (the university he studied Computer Engineering in) and three days in BSL (Registered Institution of University of London). The fact that I saw the intersection of law and technology as being somewhat of a mix of different things that I enjoy—analyzing data, math, debating, writing about things, and thinking critically about things—may have been the biggest inspiration for me to become both. But yes, it was a proactive decision to become both a lawyer and Engineer, it was never a project, like I could do one or the other, it had always been properly thought out.

What made you realize that technology could be useful in the actual legal field of Bangladesh after you completed your studies? Could you tell me the backstory?

I had an opportunity of working with Murrays Partnership Solicitors FLC in Farringdon, London for 4 months as a Barrister, and I was amazed to see how in a due diligence exercise for a client, the firm found the best technology and specialized resources to enhance quality and achieve a 40% cost savings. Even while appearing for the final round interview with Clifford Chance Ignite Training Contract (A Magic Circle law firm in UK) I saw first-hand how they used their proprietary Data Science tool to locate, extract, and tabulate references to exhibits, witnesses, and judges’ comments during trials. This resulted in a reduction in manual effort of over 25%, resulting in significant cost savings for clients. 

My interest in the practice of law and the tech of law grew even more as a result of me working in these world-renowned institutions, and I sought out information about those working to effect change in the field. As a result, I initiated conversations with individuals representing various businesses in Bangladesh to learn more about their efforts to innovate, introduce, and/or develop technology for legal side of their businesses. 

And through those discussions, I found a newfound enthusiasm for the field of legal technology, for educating and inspiring others in this area, and for demonstrating the many ways in which technology can be useful and transformative, some of them quite unexpected, and that is what I am trying to demonstrate with all my outlets including, Tahmidur Rahman, Lands BD, TahremTRFirm, Law ML ERP, TR Draft, TRRBD, Law Firm in Bangladesh Etc. We treat our retainer clients with world class portals which are only reserved for them, where they can see live how their documents and memorandums get drafted, and they always have 24 hours online access to all of our partners and associates.

Despite being a full time Barrister how come you are still working with Altersense and the biggest of conglomerates in Bangladesh Like Meghna Group, Bashundhara, City Group, S Alam Group, M Alam Group etc.?

I am actually very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the biggest industries in Bangladesh, thanks to Digital Bangladesh and Vision 2021 project by the amazing government of Bangladesh, where special emphasis was given on the application of digital technologies through constant ICT events and that coupled with the worldwide pandemic, propelled all these mammoth industries to get involved with SAP and ERP’s. Through FBCCI and CCCI, I was fortunate enough to be involved with the implementation of these cutting-edge ML based software to these big groups, and my Computer Science background helped too. But then again, If I didn’t have the underlying interests, I would not deploy customized dockerized apps and software on AWS with Elastic Beanstalk and Elastic Container Service while working as a full time Barrister in a top law firm in Bangladesh

Now lets move on to amazing Remura Mahbub. You seem very smitten by your wife too, who is also a Barrister, Barrister Meheruba Remura Mahbub?

I mean how can I not, not only she is an amazing Barrister, she is basically the greatest inspiration now for me. She is more talented; she outworks me literally every day. She is way calmer, and I would say way matured too when it comes to decision making process. She is basically the leader and brain behind all the projects and steps of Tahmidur Rahman Remura so far. I am just so excited that I can partner her in every single thing in life, and that includes the legal profession we are to share for the rest of our lives.

You seem to have a massive loyal following in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and generally people just seem to like you and you gained their faith? What is your plan on social media, and why are you still not on tiktok?

I wouldn’t say I have massive following in YouTube, it is only 5,000 subscribers so far! But yes, I would say I have a loyal following. All of my clients so far have been extremely kind to me, even for the rare cases if I miss a deadline, they have always been more than sympathetic. And I get to share my journey so far with, my failures and my success, both bits. And I believe, they could have gone for any other law firm, but they still go for me, they specifically look for Tahmidur Rahman, not because of the experiences, but due to their affection and faith in me.

And according to your young clients from your generation and as per my knowledge, you are consistently being termed as the best law firm in Dhaka, would you agree with the sentiment?

I can’t yet, because I believe there are far more experienced and top-drawer law firms in Dhaka, and even our Managing Partner is a very young advocate and we have so much to learn. But what I can say with utmost faith is that we are the best client centric law firm in Dhaka. We put our clients over anything else, they are our king and all of the members of our law firm, from peon to every associate, try to follow that sentiment. We will try to get better and better with time, we will be hiring more senior advocates of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, and more young lawyers in Bangladesh, with excellent future prospect.


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