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The Differences Between CBC and CBD

The use of cannabis has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. From what was a drug heavily frowned upon, it has taken the medical industry by storm and can now be found in several byproducts. The CBC and CBD within the plant are what everybody is after.

Both CBC and CBD offer several benefits to those that struggle with pain and anxiety, but what are the differences? Find out below.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, often known as CBD, is a non-intoxicating chemical component found in the Cannabis Sativa plant and is well known for its beneficial effects on health.

When cannabis is consumed in the proper dosages, it has incredible health advantages for neuropathic pain. Lowering anxiety and depression is one of the biggest advantages. PTSD and opioid addiction are other conditions treated with CBD.

Taking CBD may also help with diabetes, ALS, and arthritic symptoms.

While we don’t want to paint cannabis as a miracle cure, you can also use it to treat some epilepsy disorders and uncontrollable pain. In turn, a substance like CBT isolate consumed with CBD oil has significant benefits.-

What Is CBC?

CBC closely resembles CBD because it won’t get you high or euphoric like you would with THC. However, it has a significant impact on maintaining your brain health. This is because the substance doesn’t come from the cannabis flower. Instead, it comes directly from the stem cell, where many cannabinoids get created.

CBC was initially explored for the purpose of treating or suppressing cancer, and findings show a direct link between using CBC and a decrease in tumor size. Additionally, CBC encourages the growth of brain neural stem cells, which in turn helps reduce the effect of Alzheimer‘s in some people. 

Major Differences Between CBC and CBD

Now you know about the two substances and where they come from. We will delve into the major differences between CBC and CBD in the market.

Difficulty to Find

A big difference between CBC oil and CBD oil is its difficulty in finding it. CBD is by far easier to find and is more mainstream. Only recently have the benefits of CBC come to the forefront. 

Who Can Consume Each Product

The other notable difference is who can consume each of the products. Sure, both products are safe to be consumed by adults or children, but pure CBD oil is suitable for children, while CBC gets the nod among the adult population. 

Treatable Ailments

The most significant between them is what they are used to treat. CBD is used to treat depression and pain, among other things, while CBC is mainly used to reduce the size of a cancer tumor. 

Treat Chronic Ailments

The medical benefits of both CBC and CBD are out there for everybody to see. Many medical conditions can be treated using both products. With further research and development, the two products can only go from strength to strength.

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