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Timeshare Compliance Reviews: Is It a Legit Timeshare Exit Company?

Timeshare Compliance is one of the most influential, most notable organizations in the townhouse leave industry. They have been in business since 2011 and have offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Franklin, Tennessee. The timeshare industry’s average maintenance fee is nearly $980 per year.  

Because of this, selling a timeshare you don’t want, or use is worth the money. Over 15,000 timeshare owners have received assistance from the best timeshare cancellation company – Timeshare Compliance, in resolving issues with resorts and developers.  

Timeshare Compliance is a company with over 450 employees that has expanded significantly over time and placed a high value on customer service and tailored assistance for each of its customers. But is Timeshare Compliance a legit timeshare exit company? Let’s find out!  

How to Cancel Your Timeshare Ownership Legally?

After being captivated by a sales pitch, reality frequently sets in. Let’s hope it goes quickly.  

The Federal Trade Commission provides a “cooling off period” of three days on many purchases. In this way, on the off chance that you purchased a Mongolian dinosaur skull for $200,000 and your companion is undermining divorce, it’s soothing to realize you have 72 hours to save your marriage.  

In 2018, buyers bought their timeshare for an average of $21,455. What should you do if your spouse threatens to leave because you bought one in Detroit and were stupid enough to do so?  

Greetings, Dumbo! You have nine days to drop in Michigan.  

The cancellation period in most states is limited. It’s frequently called a “rescission” or “disavowal.”  

The good news is that you rarely need to justify your position elaborately. You don’t have to explain why. If your marriage depends on it, you have the right to change your mind.  

Timeshare Rescission Period  

Although you shouldn’t rely solely on a conversation, some contracts permit buyers to cancel their contracts verbally. It is up to you to meet the deadline, regardless of whether the rescission period is two weeks or three days. Instructions will be provided in your particular agreement, but the following information should generally be included.  

  • Date  
  • Your Name (As Per the Contract)  
  • Your Phone Number, and Email Address 
  • The Timeshare Company’s Name  
  • Your Residential Address 
  • Detailed Description of Your Timeshare Contract  
  • The Date of Timeshare Purchase  
  • A Clear Timeshare Cancellation Statement  

Make copies of the cancellation letter and supporting documents, and ensure the envelope is postmarked before midnight on the final cancellation day.  

Can You Trust Timeshare Compliance?  

A few timeshare resorts have sued Timeshare Compliance. But no record of lawsuits or regulatory actions by any federal authority or state. Moreover, no record of any lawsuits from its clients or clients’ advocates has been found.

Many timeshare cancellation companies are accused of illusory marketing practices. But no such claim is found against Timeshare Compliance for using illusory marketing practices. But it would help if you remain vigilant against any timeshare exit company while availing of timeshare exit services.  

What’s Good about Timeshare Compliance?  

Here are some good sides of hiring the best timeshare cancellation company

  • Timeshare Compliance challenges timeshare contracts, and there are strong (though not 100% verifiable) indications that they frequently succeed.  
  • The fact that the business only takes on some clients suggests that it will only take on cases they believe it can resolve.  
  • Timeshare Compliance makes use of its in-house staff and resources. Most timeshare exit companies subcontract cases to outside law firms, keeping only a tiny amount of control.  
  • If they cannot resolve a case, Timeshare Compliance offers a guarantee of a 100 percent refund. Although reviews indicate that customers receive refunds, it is not 100% confirmed that all unresolved cases result in refunds. 

A Final Note 

After going through this brief study, it is right to say that Timeshare Compliance is a legit and the best timeshare cancellation company. It has been able to maintain a positive and clean reputation for more than ten years. In addition, it is also demonstrating that their professionals are putting in their efforts to help their clients. 


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