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What are Bubble Mailers?

A bubble mailer is a padded envelope for mailing fragile or slightly fragile items that require extra protection. They can also be called padded envelopes. They look like a traditional yellow or manila envelope on the outside, but are lined with bubble wrap for extra protection. Bubble mailers are essential if you need bulk mailing and shipping. Bubble mailers are used to mail fragile or fragile items that require extra protection. Bubble mailers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate items of different sizes. They are smaller and lighter than mailing items using boxes or other packages, so shipping costs are generally lower. 

At most post offices, office supply stores and distribution centers or online service centers. They usually have a peel-off sticky strip on the top to seal the envelopes without the use of tape. This also makes it easier to see if the envelope has been tampered with. Bubble mail machines can be used to mail compact discs. For mailing media such as CDs and DVDs, the bubble mailer is a good choice. CDs and DVDs are easy to put in envelopes so they don’t get rough handling and any damage, which is much better than putting them in unlined envelopes. You can also mail photos with a bubble mailer in case they get bent. You can mail a lot of mail with a bubble mailer, except for very fragile items, which should be carefully packed in boxes. 

Bubble mailers are available at most post offices, you can wrap the mail you want to mail in bubble wrap and insert it into a manila envelope, this will keep the mail as safe as it is in a padded mailer If your mail doesn’t fit into a bubble mailer, and there are other options. You can choose to use bubble mailer to mail it in a cardboard box, which can then be reused or recycled. Mailing tubes are another option for mailing oversized documents or oddly shaped mail. There are several options for mailing different sizes to prevent damage to your items, be sure to choose the right packaging and pack it carefully and securely. If you care about the environment, you can choose to use recyclable cardboard boxes or mailboxes. Padded mail is generally not recyclable, and once torn apart, it cannot be reused. However, many bubble mailboxes are made from recycled materials. Books can be mailed using bubble envelopes.

Advantages and Features of Bubble Envelope Bags

Bubble mailer is also known as air cushion film, bubble bag, bubble paper and pearl film. It is a pressure-resistant, moisture-proof, shock-proof chemical product for packaging and filling.

According to the raw material, the color of the film is made of new material (with white bubbles), and the color is recycled according to the raw material (with white bubbles). It can also be divided into: 1 layer, 2 layers or multiple layers.

Bubble mailer function: 

Air cushion film, also known as bubble film , is processed from high quality low density polyethylene. It is also a widely used packaging material at present. Since the air cushion film is filled with air, it is light in weight, elastic, and has the functions of sound insulation, shock resistance and wear resistance. This product can replace repeated effect products such as foamed plastic particle fillers, and is a protective packaging for sellers of electronic products, cosmetics, audio and video CDs, etc.

Scope of application

Scope of application This product is waterproofed, moisture- proof and pressure- resistant. It’s a better choice for mailing valuables, cosmetics, small appliances, fragile items, and more. Bubble film is shockproof, cushioning and moisture-proof. Widely used in e-commerce commodity packaging, postal small package packaging business, and digital products in jewelry, electronic products, cosmetics, audio CDs and other websites. Post Office Express, Logistics Express, Craft Glass Products, CD-ROMs, Video Tapes, Tapes, DCD DVDs, Gifts, Jewelry, Product Briefs, Books, Electronic Parts, Textiles, Game Software, Toys, Parts, Medical Devices, Photo Frames, Watches, Optical Drives, Medicines and protective packaging from other sellers.

Bubble bags are made of bubble wrap

Packaging bags made of other materials. It is a widely used transparent packaging material and has a wide range of uses. The principle is that the film contains air to form air bubbles to prevent the impact of the product and ensure the maintenance effect when the product is disturbed. At the same time, it also has a thermal insulation effect, suitable for packaging or turnover of different products in all walks of life! Because the middle layer of the air cushion is filled with air, it is light and elastic. t has the functions of sound solitude, shock resistance and wear resistance.. It is waterproof, moisture-proof and pressure-resistant.

There are two types of bubble mailers: single-sided bubble mailers and double-sided bubble bags. Single-sided bubble mailers are suitable for maintaining light-weight products, and double-sided bubble bags are highly impact-resistant and are suitable for packing larger-volume items. Single and double bubble mailers are suitable for packaging in a variety of industries, such as bagging and slicing. Single-sided and double-sided bubble mailers can be equipped with anti-static bubble mailers, different colors, printing and other materials to increase maintainability and aesthetics.


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