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What is iCloud? You Should Know

iCloud is a cloud computing and cloud storage service from Apple Inc., introduced on June, 2011 at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). This new service will help you to keep your devices in sync. It eliminates the hassle of manually transferring your iTunes purchases, documents and photos to your iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook Air. It will use your Apple ID to sync the files wirelessly. Simply put, you can store data on remote computer servers for download to many devices, such as iOS based device, and computers running Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It also replaces MobileMe service of Apple, and acts as data syncing center for contacts, e-mail, notes, bookmarks, to-do lists and calendars.

iCloud is the recent branding of cloud computing services offered by Apple. Previously, it was branded as MobileMe in 2008, Mac in 2002 and iTools in 2000. Third party OS X and iOS developers can implement iCloud functionality through iCloud API. Below are given some features of Apple’s iCloud service:

Find My iPhone: Previously a part of MobileMe, Find My iPhone allows you to track the location of your iOS device or Mac. You can see the device’s location on a map, with a circle showing radius which depicts margin of error. Moreover, you can display a message, play sound on device even when it is in silent mode, change the password on device, and erase its data remotely.
iOS backup and restore: iCloud service gives you an option to back-up your iOS devices online, alternatively you can also decide to continue to back-up to your computer.
Back to My Mac: This feature was also formerly a part of MobileMe. As before, it allows you to remotely login to other computers that are configured with the same ID (Apple ID) as that of Back to My Mac.
Photo Stream: This service allows you to store most recent 1000 photographs on iCloud servers for 30 days, for absolutely free. When the photo is clicked on device with Photo Steam enabled, it will be automatically uploaded to iCloud servers. This service also comes in Apple TV, whereby it allows users to view their recent photographs wirelessly on their HDTV.


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