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What is Image Optimization? You Should Know

Build links is not a big deal. One can make links with directory submission, bookmarking submission, article submission, and video submission in SEO but How about Image submission. Yes, an Image submission is one of the ways to build links. Not everyone knows this but image optimization really helps a lot to increase the visibility.

Images are the one thing that mostly attracts our eyes and if it is nice or beautiful then it sets in our mind and we will force to see what “your website” is behind it, the main hero i.e… Images always makes there impression in mind and always having long lasting effect. Now In SEO point of view, how we can use the images and speed up the website traffic is an important question?

Here is some detail about Image Optimization:-

First, hire a designer for your website who can make different and more meaningful images for the website. Always make and image that click your mind in first impression because it’s well known said,” First impression is a last impression”. Therefore, your images should be of good resolution and must be attractive. However, one thing keep in mind that the image should not take much time to load, because people cannot wait for more time in a website to see the image.

Give alt text to your every image that you use in behalf of your website or that represent your website in nice manner. Next thing you have to do is submit your image with using selected keywords in different websites like Flickr, Photo bucket etc. These sites help you to populate your images and give you back link. More important step is adding your images in Search engine image submissions; this way help to promote your image worldwide.

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You can take Social Media optimization help to promote your images like Facebook, twitter, etc. These are the most commonly used social media websites and are known by every age group. Just post, your image in face book with website link and sit relax and see the wonderful outcome. Seriously, Social media helps to get the traffic to your website and in it images act like magnet; that powerfully attract the visitors.

The key to get more visitors everyday is to post the different images ever day, because no one like monotonous. Everyone likes fresh and new images. To get the attention of visitors change the ways to represents your website means “new day follow new theme”.

All these steps would be beneficial for you if you want to do image optimization. One main thing: Image optimization is not an easy task but if one thinks, is done in good manner and in right way, nothing can be difficult. Therefore, a start optimizes the images and sees the best result that you are never seen before in your website.


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