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What is Social Networks: Can You Still Follow?

About two weeks ago, I signed up for Plurk (my profile). I liked it, since, in contrast to Twitter, it’s easy to follow conversations. Te-Ge just published a great intro to Plurk: 10 Minute Guide to Plurk.

And only yesterday, Steven Humphrey invited me to a new social network called Fast Pitch.
I signed up to see what it was and immediately received an invitation to join a group. Few minutes later, a second invite was sent to me. I still have to investigate this one.

So how about you. Can you still follow all developments in social networks?

Below are some interesting links that possibly make it easier for you to follow what’s going on.

At Marketing Pilgrim, Janet Meiners writes about Men More Likely to be on LinkedIn, Flickr. She gives an interesting overview of several social network sites divided in age groups. And of course she also tells you where women hang out most.

Liz Strauss has an interesting post. What can you do with 1,000 friends at Facebook when your car breaks down? Read it at Social Networking: It’s Not Who You Know — It’s Whether You Know Yourself

My good friend Willie Crawford, who is always looking at the practical side of things, published an outstanding post, explaining how you can market your products and services on Twitter.
In this post, Willie also gives away a free ebook on How To Bookmark Effectively For Massive Free Website Traffic. You can, although it’s part of a GiveAway event, download it completely free and even without giving your email address, but if you are smart, you may sign up for more interesting advice.

If you’re in the coaching business, you most definitely want to read Are The Social Bookmarkers Doing It For Your Coaching Business? by Paul Duxbury, the coaching expert.

Furthermore, I’ve read some very good advice from Jeremiah Owyang about Build Your Network Before You Need Them, the real essence of building a social network.

And did you know that the secret behind long lasting relationships is reciprocity – returning calls? The more often you call each other, the longer your relationship. That’s the outcome of a recent study that Maki uses to explain relationships in online social networks. That’s an interesting read (as always with Maki).


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