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What You Need to Know About Modeling Schools

Hello and thank you for visiting my modeling schools page. My name is Jordan Sales. I am the model in the second picture above and in the following pictures. First I will tell you my story of becoming a model and how you can become one as well. Then, my opinion on modeling schools, if you are interested.

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I have been a professional model for several years now. I am also a professional photographer and have also managed a top modeling agency.

I started out just like you. I knew I could make it, but did not know how. Finally I got accepted to a huge model search. There were thousands of other “hopeful” models there.

I went there and got REJECTED by every single agency! Yes… I got rejected!

But I refused to give up. I knew that there must be something I didn’t know.

And I was right! There is so much stuff that I didn’t realize. I was worrying about all the wrong things! You need to understand how this business works!

I asked top models, agents and scouts what it takes to be a model. To my surprise I found out that there was a whole lot more to it than my looks. In fact I was better looking than most of the people that got picked. At least I thought so.

I also didn’t understand that certain modeling agencies could use my look and certain ones couldn’t.

So for that entire next year I put all my energy into learning these “secrets”. I had to get my mind right. I also learned that everyone has a look… its the energy and confidence behind the face that makes a star!

So I increased my confidence to 100 times what it was, eliminated fear out of my life and truly began to believe in myself. I also studied the world of modeling to better understand how the business worked.

Finally I was ready! So I signed up for the exact same model search I had went to the previous year. I looked exactly the same as the last year… but this time my thinking had changed. My self confidence was way stronger!

Now guess what happened??? EVERY AGENCY WANTED ME! For the next 2 weeks my phone rang off the hook with agencies calling me, wanting me to sign with them! It was awesome!

And it all happened because I finally understood what modeling agents and scouts are REALLY looking for!

What you are about to learn is everything you will ever need to know to become a professional model.

My How to become a model course can teach anyone how to become a model no matter your sex, age, race, height, weight or look…. Anyone can use this course to turn their dreams into a reality, just like I did.

Within it are the answers to every question you may have in regards to becoming a model.

My course has been created with the help of top models, photographers and agents whom I have had the pleasure of working with.

Once you have completed it, you will be 100% prepared to take on the world of modeling.



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