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Why The Writers Block Launches TWB Online- You Need Know

The pens Block( TWB) has made a incursion into the world of online education with the launch of its unique action- TWB Online( http// TWB is India’s leading provider of specialized attestation outsourcing and training services and runs the professionally valued TWB Abecedarian and TWB Associate instruments programs. It’s also the first Indian company to give an online course specifically on specialized jotting.

TWB OnLine offers homogenized training to scholars from a remote position. scholars who can not attend a program due to distance or time scheduling constraints can profit immensely from this program. The main ideal of TWB is to give world class specialized attestation outsourcing and training services to suit the demands of technology companies. It’s towards this ideal that TWB offers colorful Specialized Writing instrument Programs. With TWB OnLine, TWB is looking outside of Bangalore to address the dire need for high quality specialized attestation in Indian assiduity, particularly software. TWB On Line aims at creating trained force at an each- India position.

The explanation behind offering this course online is the availability it offers to implicit scholars from different corridor of the country. Anybody with access to a computer with Internet connection can enroll for it. TWB believes that offering the especially designed online program would enable them to give the “ TWB Experience ” which may else be adulterated through a ballot training center model. TWB On Line will give scholars lesser inflexibility by allowing them to train at their own pace and at their own time without missing out on the authentic “ TWB Experience ” which is synonymous with their classroom programs. The “ TWB Experience ” includes focus on communication fundamentals, educated faculty, comprehensive training material, stylish assiduity interface and mentorship right from training to placement and beyond. lately TWB strengthened the specialized attestation value chain with the launch of its TWB On Lot placement program.

TWB On Lot is an innovative placement program that’s fortified by two inversely strong enterprise- TWB Alumni and TWB Mentorship. Together TWB On Lot, TWB Alumni and TWB Mentorship give a value chain that’s the first of its kind in the field of specialized jotting education and training in India.

The TWB On Line gate is rich in the features its offers. Every pupil will be handed with individual login details. The course is divided into units, wherein each unit is accompanied by useful demonstrations for better understanding. At the end of every unit, the pupil has to complete and upload an assignment. scholars can also view their grades online.

Individual attention is paid to scholars by assigning them instructors who not only help them clarify their dubieties but also give precious feedback. Also, online mentorship is available during business hours. Online communication with the tutoring faculty and fellow scholars is made possible in the form of converse apartments and communication forums. scholars also have access to a timetable, which helps them to keep track of the forthcoming events and dates for submission of assignments. Commercial houses and educational institutes have formerly shown a keen interest in the online training occasion that this gate provides.

About TWB

TWB is a division of Amatra Consulting Pvt. Ltd. and was innovated in 2005 with the main ideal of furnishing world- class specialized attestation outsourcing and training services to suit the demands of Indian technology companies. TWB provides specialized attestation outsourcing services to over 25 associations including Accenture, Samsung, Mind Tree, Siemens, AOL, Titan, Intel, Wipro, One97 and others. Over 150 companies including Lucent Technologies, SAP Labs, Wipro, Infosys, Intel etc hire specialized pens from the TWB Associate and TWB Abecedarian instrument programs.


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