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5 Classic Garden Accessories for an English Country Style

If your home is blessed with a garden, you owe it to everyone who doesn’t have one to make the most of it. Imagine always being stuck inside, with no garden to retreat to or even to have a view of when you are at home. The classic English country-style garden is a beautiful and relaxing space that elevates your outdoor space with a touch of class as well as usefulness. Here are five simple garden accessories that will give your garden this classic look.

Install a Stone Fountain

Nothing says ‘English country garden’ quite like a stone fountain. Whether you only have a small corner or patch available, or a large open centre to fill with an eye-catching feature, there is a fountain for you. Small, self-contained stone standing fountains are a simple and cost-effective way to add a feature that brings some sound to your garden as well as something to look at.

Add a Sundial

For a simple and classy addition that brings some style to the English countryside, add a sundial. This is an elegant feature fit for kings and queens. Be careful about the placement; before setting one up, you need to ask yourself ‘how do garden sundials work?’ When done right, your garden will have an elegant timepiece and a great conversation starter.

Build a Summerhouse

This requires a bit of investment, but if you have the space to fit one in, a summerhouse is worth considering. You are adding usable living space as well as a country-style feature to your home. The money you put into one will come back to you in your property price, and maybe with a profit. This is a feature that you should spend a good deal of money on. Do it right, not cheap.

Grow Your Own

In the English countryside, they know how to look after themselves. Self-sufficiency is a big part of any true English country garden. Add some space to grow some farmhouse kitchen staples like potatoes, green beans, and even tomatoes if you can fit a greenhouse into your space. For a cheaper option than a glass shed-like structure, build a polytunnel. These are a great value for money, and perfect for growing more demanding foods like tomatoes and chillies.

Get Chickens and a Hutch

For the finishing touch, get chickens and a hutch. This is the ultimate addition to an English country garden and gives you a potentially endless supply of eggs. These can be worth their weight in gold these days. Chickens are quite easy and a lot of fun to look after. They can also live well off scraps from your kitchen table and waste from a farmer’s garden. 

Just two or three of these stylish accessories will give your garden a traditional and beautiful look. Start adding some self-sufficiency and you have all the major elements of an English country garden. Though a summerhouse is a big investment, remember that the return on investment you will receive when the time comes to sell your home will make the addition worthwhile. You also get to enjoy it before you sell your home.


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