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Boosting Traffic By Deploying Dedicated Server

Companies having almost 100 % business conducted online need a powerful dedicated server because having one helps to manage their business websites in a better way. We can consider a server to be an efficient one if it takes care of the needs of the company in the best manner possible. In order to be called an efficient dedicated server, it should host a single website at one time; if at all more than one website need to be hosted, all the additional websites hosted should belong to the same company.

You need a dedicated server, if the traffic on your website is huge. Although, website is managed from a remote location by the host company, you the owner have complete control on very affair pertaining to your site. Basic dedicated server only stores data of a company, & you cannot use the server to process customer’s queries. However, some better servers are being designed who can process data in addition to storing data. Dedicated servers are usually installed at a hosting company’s premises, and their maintenance is done by the hosting company, and not by the client company.

There are two types of servers – Linux based servers and windows based servers. The technology behind the two is different but, the functions performed are the same. The various components comprising software, net connectivity, operating systems are installed inside data centers within the premises of the hosting company.

Keeping control of every single activity, and transaction by the company owning a e-commerce website is a necessity because the complex operations of e-commerce websites need high expertise; such technical know how, as a matter of fact is not possessed by a hosting company. Dedicated servers thus is the need-of-the-hour, as the complex operations including sales, marketing, and promotional activities, cannot be conducted without them. Moreover, such servers can be managed from far-away locations, and above that e-commerce companies also have full control of their business.

Another big benefit of having a dedicated server is that it saves costs. The client company get on-demand power and bandwidth facilities with speeds in the range of 10 to 100 Mb/s Ethernet. Lastly, and most importantly a e-Commerce websites owner desiring a dedicated servers doesn’t entail a heavy initial investment.

All-in-all a dedicated server gives a e-Commerce website owner several benefits, and brings on lot of efficiency, and simplicity in running an on-line business, besides saving costs.


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