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Chesterfields 1780 Launches Global Luxury Furniture Initiative

As one of Britain’s foremost traditional president makers, sofas 1780 has come into its own as the premier luxury cabinetwork manufacturer in the UK. Building upon the woodworking traditions of old, Club Chesterfield has now been dubbed sofas 1780 in commemoration of its 18th century origins.

“ We’ve come a long way since our ancestors small 18th century factory ” said Managing Director Paul Fleming at the induction of his new exchange in the northwest of England. He added, “ moment, we’re the leading luxury president supplier in the United Kingdom, a befitting capstone to our family’s passionate bid ”.

A winning blend of traditional workmanship and 21st century technology, sofas 1780 was firstly innovated as Fleming and Howland. Employing a sprinkle of largely professed tradesmen, the concern created beautiful creations that were strictly drafted and fused with hand- dressed upholstery. Fleming and Howland entered sun from discerning patrons around the country, continuing to this day in the product of some of the most exquisite cabinetwork in the country.

moment, the establishment creates beautiful pieces of artificer with the same passion and vigor as in the olden days. dateless pieces of art invested with an extravagant appeal, traditional sofas chairpersons and settees are some of the most cherished family heritages in Britain.

Located in South Manchester, Chesterfields 1780’s new exchange will give cabinetwork dilettantes farther liberty to witness the grand sofas collection in person, enabling easier enjoyment and procurement of the noble leather cabinetwork particulars.

The company has also launched a new website, with an end to furnishing worldwide exposure to its traditional product line. The website features an electronic ordering system, including images and descriptions of all its crafts.


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