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Content Marketing: Benefit of Working with a Content Partner

Content marketing is more art than science. It may seem foreign to some people in business, to engage in an ongoing conversation with customers that does not pitch the product. And while providing information that allows a client to make sound business decisions is not a new idea, storytelling is a fairly new expression in the advertising vocabulary. If you are unsure of your ability to carry out an effective content marketing campaign, you may want to consider hiring a content partner to do the work for you.

Consistent Flow of Content
Let’s face it, not everyone has a knack for content creation. And even if you can do it, you may not like doing it, or simply may not have time to do it consistently.

Content marketing relies on a constant flow of information and on iterative storytelling to build an audience and maintain brand equity. If you don’t have the time or skills needed to keep up the work, you may want to consider hiring a content partner to do some or all of it for you.

Working with a partner even for a short while can provide your employees valuable experience in creating content that will engage the audience. The concept is easy to understand in the abstract, but it takes skill and experience to reliably create quality content.

Professional Distribution
10117618_lEven if you create most of your company’s content in-house, you may want to hire a partner to host and distribute that content. This partner can also design and maintain web pages or blogs, monitor email and social media accounts, and respond to routine customer feedback on your behalf.

Professional distribution and management of social networking is a boon for small businesses, who may not have enough staff to handle the flow of communication. But even a larger firm may prefer to hire a content partner instead of assigning employees to manage this aspect of marketing.

Access to an Established Audience
A content partner has access to an established audience. These people already look to the partner for quality content in a given field, and they trust the partner’s recommendations when it comes to other sources of quality information. Leveraging this kind of loyal following is a very large part of success when it comes to content marketing. As some brand marketers have already discovered, the 21st century is the era of “if you build it, they will not come.” A ready-made audience puts you one step ahead of the competitions, when it comes to content marketing.

Variety of Content Types
While many of us may think mostly of blogging and social media when it comes to content marketing, case studies and white papers topped the list of marketing tactics used in the past year. Other formats a content partner can provide your company include press releases, e-books, webinars, videos, polls and virtual events like Twitter chats. A partner who also handles event marketing can provide valuable help with in-person events such as workshops and conferences. Services may extend to curating third party content, as well.

While no one type of content is necessarily complicated to produce on its own, it would be a major undertaking to keep up with the demand for a wide variety of content types. Far from being a casual task that can be accomplished between appointments, this type of content creation is best handled by a content partner in the absence of a dedicated in-house content marketing team.


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