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Get Ready For The New School Term With The Vivo Summer Sale

As the school holidays race by, it will soon be the new term. The We Are Fish summer sale is a great way to get ready for the beginning of the 2022 autumn school year.

The aquarium website has some great deals on their products including Vivo aquariums, Vivo themed packs and Vivo accessories. The themed packs and accessories are an excellent way to Personalise a School’s Vivo tank.

These fantastic deals on will brighten up any classroom throughout your school. To make it an extra special summer, We Are Fish are offering free delivery on ALL orders. So hurry up and get your Vivo before the summer is over!

It might be raining, but fish love the water and We Are Fish want to them the best environment to live in. The Vivo tanks are fun and bright and will definitely become the center of your classroom as well a great way of teaching children about looking after animals.

The Vivo aquariums come with a range of lighting options that can make it really special to look at – not to mention giving our little fishy friends plenty of healthy light.
The wide of range of accessories to compliment the aquariums include everything from beautiful decorations, to aquarium cleaning products, to water and health treatments that will keep your fish safe and sound.

We Are Fish only stocks cold water and tropical aquariums that fit the bill. This includes the stunning biOrb range of aquariums, including the perfectly proportioned biOrb 30, the larger biOrb 60, the delightfully petite Baby biOrb and the stunning cylindrical biUbe.


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