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Halloween Party Theme Ideas

Whereas kids look forward to Halloween because of the candy and an excuse to stay up late, adults too can enjoy Halloween with friends or family. A Halloween theme gives you more space to be creative since you can focus your plans around a specific fun idea. A theme also allows your guests to be innovative and come up with funny costumes, and if your guests commit to the theme, then you are in for a pleasant evening.

When picking a theme, you ought to pick the one you are familiar with and one you can play around with. When only bound by your imagination, a theme not only sets the mood for the evening but also plays a role in the menu list (mostly small bitings and snacks), decor and costumes. So what themes should you consider?

Zombie Prom

Your high school prom might have been a disaster. Your prom might have also been a night of a lifetime. So why not have a similar yet somewhat differently-themed night of the dead. For Halloween, you could host a dance of your own, only this time, all your guests should be encouraged to come in the most dismembered form possible. You can also decide to plan around zombie-friendly meals that are brainy and meaty.

Campfire Stories

Stories told around a campfire are the best way to cook up a good scare for a family event. You and some friends can decide to camp outside and share spooky stories around a campfire. With all the night’s shadows, wind, and spooky sounds, a Halloween campfire is bound to be an adrenalin-filled evening.

Movie Themed Event

You and your friends might have a favorite movie or TV show. For Halloween, why not consider dressing up as your favorite TV character. To make the night even more interesting, you can pick a genre or specific period of movies from which to seek inspiration and watch as your friends dress to impress.

Specific eras in time may also serve as an inspiration. Or, if you and your friends have a book club, you may pick up a book (mainly in the fantasy genre) to dress as. For example, a Roman Gladiator outfit to model the times of Caligula or some Shakespearean work or any other fantasy you like can be an excellent basis upon which to plan your evening.

According to Chasing Fireflies, “Roman Gladiator costume will get you ready for anything – and it has everything you need to look the part.”

A Murder Mystery Themed Party

Nothing says the night of the dead more than an elegantly planned murder mystery party. You may decide to decorate your house to suit a specific plot or keep it simple with the plot guiding your evening. When your friends commit, a murder mystery party can be highly entertaining.

You may also combine two themes into an evening, for example, by having your guests dressed in a Roman Gladiator Outfit and plan a murder around the roman times with betrayal, thirst for power, and the age-old backstabbing as part of your plot.

Watch a Scary Film

Hollywood has a tradition of releasing Halloween movies. You may decide to spend your Halloween night watching a scary movie with some friends. You can also decorate your house based on a scary film with the occasional writing on a mirror ‘with blood,’ flickering hallway lights, and the occasional distorted sounds.

Any theme you choose should be one your friends or guests are comfortable with and can commit to. In all these themes, always remember that your imagination only limits you.


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