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How To Hide Hair Extensions in Very Short Hair Like an Expert?

Hair extensions can incredibly transform your hairstyle. Short hairstyles can be added with length, volume, or thickness with extensions, whether you choose clip-in, tape-in, or sewn-in varieties. 

In other words, they can make it easy for you to get the locks you’ve always wanted. 

However, it might be a little challenging if you don’t know how to properly set up or care for extensions, especially if you have short hair. 

Additionally, you want to ensure that the transformation from short to long hair will appear natural and not like an 80s mullet.

See, the whole point of having extensions in your hair in the first place is defeated if you put them in the wrong location or don’t properly care for them, which will lead them to show (and possibly even fall out). 

1. Go to a Stylist You Trust

Make sure your hair extensions have been cut and styled to complement your hair before attempting any of the following advice, just to be sure.

We advise taking your hair extensions to your hairstylist to layer them with various lengths for a more seamless transition if you have short hair.

When deciding what kind of hair extensions to use, Marjan and Aguirre advise consulting a stylist you can trust. 

If you’re adding clip-in extensions by yourself, Marjan advises having them professionally cut so they mix in with your natural hair. 

The greatest approach to make sure you can wear extensions covertly is to do it this way.

2. Be Sure Your Hair is Long Enough

The truth is that not all hair lengths will work with extensions, and a professional should let you know this during your appointment. 

According to Aguirre, “Your hair has enough length and thickness to hide the ties and tracks.” 

Spend some time growing your hair before adding extensions to ensure it is long enough. “The same as when a professional installs the extensions, if not even more so.”

3. Customization

Fully customizing your extensions is another approach to make sure they blend in with your short hair. 

To ensure a flawless application, they must be chopped, colored, and styled. 

Your extensions will provide fullness and volume and almost disappear if they are the same length as your hair.

4. Opt for Smaller Bonds

Choosing hair with smaller connections is one of the greatest strategies to hide hair extensions in really short hair. 

These can be more easily applied to finer strands and will easily mix in with short hair. 

A lot of hair experts advise doing this with the super length keratin bond hair extensions

Because they are easily scalable, your hairdresser can trim the linkages so thin that they are imperceptible in the natural hair.

5. Section Your Natural Hair With Clips

Although it is highly recommend visiting a professional stylist to get hair extensions, you still can install them at home. To simplify the processes, section your natural hair with clips. Putting hair extensions in your hair is doable but a little difficult. Sectioning is very important.

6. Create Clean Parts

It’s important to create some clean parts while applying hair extensions. This way you won’t be causing any unnecessary harm to your hair by placing the hair extensions at wrong spots. The end of a comb, hairbrush, or hair sectioning tool will work wonders for this.

7. Never Use Too Many Wefts

The less wefts you use, the better when working with shorter hair. 

For hair types that are shorter or thinner, one complete head of hair extensions could be excessive.

Speak with your hairdresser and select fewer wefts that will go well with your hair if you want the extensions to blend in naturally.

8. Be Precise With Hair Color

Hair color is the easiest way to help detect hair extensions in shorter hair. If you want your extensions to stay concealed, work with a stylist to color match your hair extensions.

9. Manage Your Expections

It’s essential to manage your expectations about how your hair extensions will look. The greatest challenge hair extension specialists generally have is to manage clients’ expectations. While hair extensions can help add volume, length, and body, shorter hair likely have limitations.

Tips and Techniques on How

Hair extensions mix more naturally in thin hair. Especially if you plan to add length with extensions. Make sure your short hair mixes naturally.

Step 1: Secret Trick, Thin Out Your Hair Without Cutting It

If you have short hair, it’s likely that the ends are a little blunt. This cheeky little trick will allow you to temporarily thin out your hair without cutting it, so you can blending it with your hair extensions.

  • What to Do Exactly?

  1. Make a section of your hair and clip or tie the majority of it up on top of your head. 1/4 of your hair should be left down. Depending on how much hair you have, you might need to leave more or less down.
  2. Take hold of the hair that will be beneath your extensions and pull it into a tiny ponytail. If you have heaps of hair to cover, you can also wear it in a flat bun or even braid it and pin it to your head.
  3. Let the rest of your natural hair down on top and apply your hair extensions as usual.

Note: If you have short hair and want long hair for a specific occasion or function, this first suggestion is a perfect choice.

Step 2: Blending Hair Extensions; From Mullet to Mermaid

No, operation “Long Hair” won’t be staging a comeback for the mullet.

Lessen the amount of hair you leave on top of your hair extensions to prevent this from happening.

By doing this, you can make sure that your short hair and long extensions blend with each other seamlessly.

You may be thinking: But to hide my hair extensions, I need a lot of hair on top. Halo hair extensions is hidden behind your head, low to the ground.

So you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing and revealing any clips or tapes, you can get away with keeping less hair on the top.

Step 3: How to Let Short Layers be Invisible 

The final step in making your hair extensions blend in with your natural hair is to do this. Upon installation of your halo hair extensions:

Search your surroundings for any areas of your short hair that are visibly protruding from your halo. These offenders are typically located around your face. 

Then, to conceal your extensions from the front, pin these tiny hairs on your head underneath your extensions.

Bonus tip: Style Hair Extensions to Look Real in Short Hair 

You now have hair extensions. It’s now time for the icing on the cake.

Curls or waves are the greatest hairstyle for hair extensions to look as natural and realistic as possible.

Adding texture involves curling both your natural hair and hair extensions.

What’s the Best?

There won’t be any short layers poking out that you can notice. To style short or layered hair with the halo, add textured waves.

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