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Personal Development Goals : Topic Of The Month Important

It is very important to have your own personal development goals because this enables you to think of the future in a positive and constructive way. If you are feeling depressed, the future can be the last topic that you would want to think about but it is proven to make any sufferer feel a lot better.

Making goals help you realize what is really important to you and how you wish to spend your time.

When a person feels depressed, they are aware that they are wasting a lot of time by not doing anything but are unsure of how to bring themselves out of the mood. Writing down ideas and writing plans helps to mentally prepare and motivates a sufferer to start building a new a life.

Feeling depressed can prevent you from living your life the way that you would like to. The lack of motivation and loss of interest are things that can stop you from taking control of your life.

Symptoms of depression which can put a stop to your life:

* Rejection *Anger * Frustration * Loneliness * Fear of failure *Humiliation * Guilt.

If you have experienced rejection or have failed on certain things in the past, does not mean that you will continue to fail in the future. The experiences may have left you feeling humiliated and frustrated and you will automatically doubt your own abilities and possibly give up altogether. It is a good idea to make a list of goals that you wish to achieve and set deadlines. Your plans could be anything from planning to spend more time with friends, saving money, joining an evening class or losing weight. The important thing is that when you achieve these goals, you will start to feel better immediately. When you are deciding on what goals you are going to achieve, you must be realistic, for example, you cant aim to lose three stone in one month, you will only feel disappointed and frustrated. It is a good idea to keep your goals to a minimum for a certain amount of time so that you can concentrate on them, this is more effective than having twenty goals which you will struggle to achieve all at the same time. When you achieve your personal goals, your confidence will have a great boost and you can feel energized as you begin to take control of your own life again.

It is also a very good idea to try and imagine where you would like to be this time next year. You may not be a millionaire by this time next year but achieving your own personal goals during that time can make you feel just as happy.

You can really go into detail and imagine who you are with? What you look like? Have you been promoted in your job? Are you still a smoker? Do you still swear? Have you finally organized and thrown out all of your clutter in your home? Everybody is aware of their own habits and personal opinions that can make you feel down about themselves, therefore picturing yourself in a different way can really make you decide on what you would like to change in your own life that you secretly know would be for the best.

Having personal development goals help you become the person who you want to be.


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