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Search Engine Research and Search Engine Results

Now a day’s SEO become so much challenging that everyone wants to beat their competitors and come on number one ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. But coming on number one ranking is something that gives you business. According to search engines research, visitors can only stay 8sec on the website and if they get useful results then only they keep exploring the site and that’s good for your website but if they don’t get useful results then he/she will switch to other site. You can only get business when people visit your website for more time and contact you or gives you feedback.

A search engine uses some algorithms for the websites and PR (Page Rank) is one of its examples which will be explained to you later in this topic. For SEO point of view people should know that how website ranking changes. If more than one person opens the same site for more than one time and more over website is getting more traffic than Google, see that what things attract the visitors? Are the people getting better and relevant results from that site? By considering the various factors search engine give them PR i.e. Page rank. PR is very important for the websites; it simply shows the performance of the website. High PR means website is good and having better back links , Medium PR means website can gives you nearby result but not exact , whereas Low PR symbolizes that the either the website is new or it doesn’t have that much or relevant data that attract the people.

From search engine research conclusions, if some questions come into your mind before starting SEO on your website like how you better represent your website, what should be done so that visitors visit again to your website and how can you make them busy? Then it’s good because it symbolizes that you are going in right direction. Before starting anything direction plays an important role because it helps to gives you better result and save your time and money to achieve your goal.

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As I believe after knowing the research on search engines that search engine not only counts the back links but it may also consider the content of the website, load time of images, website size etc factors. If you only know about the search engine optimization and you don’t have any idea how search engines work than SEO won’t give you excellent result as per your efforts. Putting lots of efforts and getting nothing or low result won’t work on SEO because everyone wants good result. Yes, I agree that SEO is slow process but it is not that much slow that poor SEO make it. So, don’t just start SEO, firstly put some efforts to know about functionality of Search engine to get good results.

Try to get more and more knowledge about search engines query and get better SEO result without wasting much time.


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