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What To Do When Banned By Google ? You Should Know

Even if you haven’t violated any SEO rule, you might still have to go through the ultimate nightmare: being banned from Google’s index. No doubt Google is a kind of monopolist among popular search engines, but it is not a bully firm that bans sites for pleasure. It just complies with the best SEO practices and penalizes the websites that misbehave. Getting the site unbanned is a lengthy process, and at times the search engine won’t even tell the reason why it banned your site in the first place. This makes things even more difficult.

Here are given some important steps that you should follow to get reconsideration by Google for getting unbanned:

Send Google Reconsideration Request: In order to get your site included in Google’s index, you need to send a Google reconsideration request. A way to know your website is penalized by Google is that all of a sudden it does not have any page rank on it. Enter your website address into Google, if you don’t find any of your pages or articles in results, it is likely you have been banned.
Give information about your domain: While sending Google Reconsideration request, keep in mind that you are sending it to a real person employed by Google, and someone will actually read the request. So be polite and give detailed information about the domain. Tell them the SEO rules you may have violated and explain the background of your site. This will show that you are really serious about resolving the problem.
Verify your website: Login to your webmaster account and verify the website. Go to this link, this is the place that you can use to send reconsideration request to Google. Besides, you can also use the e-mail address [email protected] to send the information to Google representatives.
Be Realistic and provide proof: Instead of trying to blame Google, provide real proof of the changes you have made for reconsideration. Be thoughtful and thank them for the effort and time they are taking to investigate your request.
You have to be patient, as it may take many weeks for Google representative to get back and answer Google reinclusion request. In all, it may be a complicated and time-consuming process to get your site unbanned, but with proper research and information, you will indeed get positive results.


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